Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

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Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

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BEST Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

These non-corrosive, all weather primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition. Winchester Primers are constantly and rigorously tested for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and conditions far beyond the range of normal usage. Winchester guarantees better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns, carefully-controlled weights of primer mixtures, consistency in size and quality, precise measurements and tolerances for anvil heights and stability in extremes of temperatures and humidity.

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The world’s most widely used primer, Winchester components offer reloaders a large selection of primers to choose from. They are extremely sensitive, non-corrosive (which means they’re easier on your firearm) and load cleanly. The Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers are sized to fit into All Posts virtually any reloading press. Because they burn cleaner than its competitors, they prolong the life of the bore and chamber in your favorite firearm: the higher quality, the better your gun will do

Primers are loaded with modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible. Primer cup material and sensitivity (all our primers meet or exceed SAAMI specs) are specially selected for each specific application. Winchester primers give instant, hot ignition and are easy to seat into primer pockets. Non-mercuric & non-corrosive. small rifle primers

Hornady and Winchester primers, available in sizes for handguns, rifles and shotguns, Use with magnum rifle loads to help obtain maximum velocity and energy. Maximum velocity and energy when used with magnum loads. small pistol primers in stock now


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  1. Mike

    What is there to say about primers, It’s been my experience, if you stick with name brands you will very seldom have a misfire do to a primer issue. One thing I’ve noticed, with shotgun primers is, after a lot of reloads the primer pocket gets wore out, CCI is just a hair bigger and will hold better. With that being said, once you use them you can’t use any other as they stretch out the pocket

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