shotgun shells | Remington Premier 209 Primer 5000P


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shotgun shells | Remington Premier 209 Primer 5000P

shotgun shells Reloading powder red primed reloadable shot shell primer. Brass-plated battery cup with covered flash hole. Non-corrosive, non-mercuric hot burning primer.

High-quality reloading primer. Brass-plated cups with covered flash holes and non-corrosive non-mercuric priming mixture. Hot burning. For use in all kinds of reloading; not just shotshells but all cartridges.

Shotgun shell primers are used by hand loaders in the same manner as similar rifle, pistol and pistol-reloading brass primers. They are designed to ignite the gunpowder in shotgun shells. There is no need to use special tools when reloading your shotgun shells because these standard primers are precision manufactured for reliable ignition of your favorite shot shells.

Premier Brass Reloading Primer Pocket and Punk. Easy-to-use tool ensures precise, perfect seating every time. Tool features an angled head with a concave pocket to allow easy access to case interior for uniform primer seating, eliminating the unnecessary trimming of the flash hole when reloading. A unique collar on the base allows precise application of Shell Holder. Constructed from heat treated alloy steel which provides superior durability and long service life.

Non-corrosive non-mercuric. Hot burning. Brass-plated battery cup with covered flash hole.
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 22661
Type Reloading
UPC 047700085753


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