CCI Ammunition 0017 Primers


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CCI Ammunition 0017 Primers


CCI Ammunition 0017 Primers are highly-evolved products because they continuously test and improve. Today’s CCI primer is more reliable, with the qualities you want to see, from cleaner burning to less pop.

In 1965, CCI rimfire ammunition was first introduced in a small caliber range of ten shots. During that year, they also released the CCI-Green primers which were developed as a way to ensure consistent ignition in competition. Today’s primers are more than just highly-evolved products; they are engineered and tested to ensure exceptional performance in your firearm.

CCI PRIMERS are designed for use in all types of firearms. They deliver consistent results in a wide range of competitive environments

Evolved to make your firearm perform at peak performance, CCI primers are a superior quality product for hunters and shooters.

CCI PRIMERS are highly-evolved products because they continuously test and improve. Today’s CCI primer is more efficient than ever, but still retains a thorough history of performance.

CCI Primers are making a difference in the world. One of the main reasons for this is their strong commitment to quality. Whenever there is a new technology that makes it easier to produce higher quality products, we are eager to test and adopt it. For example, our primer manufacturing equipment is now automated and computer controlled. In the past, primers were inspected by hand on a table inspection system, but now they go through a complex automated inspection machine which uses high speed cameras to inspect each primer before it leaves the factory.

CCI primers are engineered to provide a wide variety of benefits for shooters. They are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of different types of firearms and different shooting situations.

CCI is one of the largest ammunition companies in the world, and one of the few that still makes its own primers from raw material to finished product. The result is a superior-quality product you can count on for accuracy no matter what your needs are.

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