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WINCHESTER AMMO XSM1232 DRYLOK SUPER STEEL MAGNUM 12 GAUGE The Most Versatile Waterfowl Load in the Field Super steel is a back bone of the Winchester Ammunition waterfowl line-up. The high antimony lead gives maximum hardness to the pellet, making them hard enough to resist deformation and produce more than adequate penetration on even the toughest waterfowl. The shot cups are also custom engineered for each payload to ensure tight patter across all distances.

The drylok super steel 12-gauge shotgun ammunition is a 3-inch shells that include a 1 3/8 of ounce Super-X lead shot. This number-two shot travels at 1410 feet per second, and it is made with a drylok super steel hull that is 100-percent waterproof, corrosion-resistant and has a high velocity primer. This powerful ammunition is made in the USA, and it comes in tubs or cases of 10 boxes each.

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Drylok Super Steel is the most advanced water resistant shot shell Winchester has ever developed. Drylok Super Steel’s engineers found a way to apply revolutionary Drylok Super Steel technology to the manufacturing of steel shotgun shells.

This full case of Winchester Super Steel shotgun ammunition contains 8 boxes with 25 rounds each. The ammunition’s Drylok Super Steel is a reliable shell that keeps the gun dry and clean by resisting moisture. 9mm Ammo for Sale

12 gauge. 2-shot. Drylok super steel shotshells are the original drylok super steel waterfowl loads. Available in 3″, 3 1/2″, and 10-gauge, 2-shot payloads, these high velocity loads deliver the knockdown power and deep penetration needed to quickly down birds at long range.

The super hard, copper-plated shot is protected by Drylok’s special barrier coating, which locks out water and reduces deformation of pellets in the magazine tube and during firing. Along with increased pattern density to improve first shot success and reduce crippling loss, there’s also the added advantage of reduced pellet deformation for more consistent long-range ballistics for more distant birds. The result is a memorable waterfowl hunt combined with a great all around upland game hunting load. 9mm Ammo for Sale

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Drylok Super-Steel shotshells are built to excel in extreme hunting conditions. Unlike traditional steel loads, Drylok Super-Steel shotshells are coated with a specially formulated dry polymer which keeps water out of the shot column thus greatly reducing pellet deformation resulting in more uniform and devastating patterns.

The superior ballistics and knock down power of Super Steel makes it the best choice for high-flying waterfowl where speed and distance are prevalent.•DRYLOK SUPER STEEL: Waterproof, copper plated steel shot delivers devastating terminal performance at a wide range of distances•FLITECONTROL FLEX TUBE: Superior patterns from short and long range•PRECISION MADE FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Now packaged in advance 25 count packs, making loading easier than ever.

The drylok super steel water resistant shotshell saves you money by preventing rust, corrosion and tarnishing of your shells. Drylok super steel is precision loaded with quality components to provide dependable, uniform patterns downrange.

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One of the world’s oldest and most trusted manufacturers, Winchester develops and delivers the ammunition products you need and trusts for all your recreational, competitive, and tactical shooting needs. 9mm Ammo for Sale

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This product may be prohibited inbound shipment to your destination. Due to state shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to certain states or outside the contiguous United States.

Winchester Ammo XSM1232 Drylok Super Steel Magnum 12 Gauge 3″ 1-3/8 oz 2 Shot- Case, drylock is the most effective moisture protection available in centerfire ammunition. brass case and sealed primer and propellant allow cartridges to withstand up to 48 hours of full submersion in salt water, fluoropolymer resin binds copper particles together to virtually eliminate barrel fouling.

The best ammunition for hunting and personal protection, come to Drylok Super Steel Magnum. This is a 12 Gauge 3″, 1 3/8 oz 2 Shot, by Winchester Ammunition.

Drylok Super Steel is the first water-resistant shotshell ammunition. Drylok Super Steel was specifically built for durability in all weather conditions. When dry or wet, steel shot stands up to the worst punishment. Since this ammunition is designed to handle anything Mother Nature throws at you, it’s perfect for hunting in heavy rain or snow with confidence and reliability. Drylok Super Steel is Winchester’s most innovative shotshell ammunition ever made. Pick some up today, and head to the field and shoot!

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The DRYLOK Super Steel 12 Gauge shotshells from Winchester feature the latest in shotshell technology, including new limited-time-only Drylok Super Steel® wads that are designed to make these shells 100% waterproof. The nuts and bolts of these new watertight shells include: A DRYLOK/DRI-LOC® seal at the primer pocket. New high quality steel hulls with a polymer buffering in each shell. New Drylok® Super Steel® wads are 100% waterproof. Made in America

Loaded with the highest quality components and the best technology has to offer, the Super-X game load line is your best choice for hunting ammunition. The Drylok Super Steel Magnum features new Shot-Lok technology. The hull is a one piece wad that encapsulates the lead shot creating tight, uniform patterns while also keeping powder dry through the most extreme conditions. The Drylok Super Steel Magnum is available in sizes 6, 7, and S.

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Win drylok super steel shotshells are designed for the most demanding waterfowlers. loaded with a patented accelerartor shot cup that has air-flow channels added to provide 20% more downrange velocity. loaded with 1 3/8 oz of

Winchester Drylock Magnum 2 Shot is superbly effective on Mallard and smaller species of ducks, geese and swan.

This 12 gauge shell by Winchester is loaded with 1 3/8 ounces of

This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive. This ammunition is a great choice for hunting, skeet, trap and sporting clays, Winchester ammo has been providing the shooting community with high quality products for over 50 years and these rounds are no exception.

(Priced Per Box)Super-X shotshells are designed for non-toxic shot compatibility and improved patterns. Heavy cushioning behind the shot column protects the pellet from deformation and helps it retain its energy for deep penetration. Super Steel was originally developed for dry, rocky areas or other circumstances in which wet conditions are encountered frequently.

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This is an example of the product’s technical specifications:WINCHESTER AMMO XSM1232 DRYLOK SUPER STEEL MAGNUM 12 GAUGE 3″ 1 3/8 OZ 2 SHOT- CASE

When It Comes To Performance Ammunition, There’s Only One Name You Need To Know: Winchester. With A Heritage Of Championship Performance, Their Ammunition Is Developed By Shooters For Shooters. Features: Drylok Super Steel Shot- Case Of 250 Rounds Dry-Lok Technology Patented Gun Clays Technology Specifications: Gauge: 12 Gauge Chamber Length: 3″ Shot Size: 2 Velocity: 1325 Fps Ounces Of Shot: 1-3/8

Winchester XS1232 Drylok Super Steel shotshells are specifically designed for those who demand the best from their hunting ammunition. For rifles, the polymer shot cup protects and cushions the pellets at the critical moment of ignition. Combined with Winchester’s proprietary Drylok Super Steel shot which has a modified, flatter ballistics curve than traditional steel shot, Winchester Drylok Super Steel shotshells maintain extra-dense patterns on target and provide deeper penetration into waterfowl. It also has increased pellet counts in all sizes to give you more chances to hit your target. Shot size BBB delivers an impressive 1570 feet per second of muzzle velocity with 1-1/8 ounces of pellets.

Winchester Super-X shotshells are the ultimate in high-performance and consistency for the serious waterfowl hunter. Proven performance in adverse conditions with five different shot sizes, steel or lead. Super-X Drylok Super Steel ammunition provides reliable, season-after-season performance. Drylok Super Steel has a special formulation to help keep moisture out and ensure dependable ignition under even the most severe conditions of wet weather. This ammunition fires a 3″

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These Super Steel shotshells feature Super Steel shot packaged in Drylok Super Steel boxes, which protect the shot from moisture. Winchester’s Drylok Super Steel box is a must-have for any waterfowl hunter. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

Drylok Super Steel 12 Gauge ammunition features high quality hard shot; Drylok super steel waterfowl load available in 2-shot and 4-shot. The combination of copper plating and the Super Steel shot produces a denser pattern at longer ranges, decreased pellet deformation, and reduced pellet fliers.

DRY- LOK SUPER STEEL DRY-LOK SUPER STEEL ammunition is the best value for high performance steel shotshells. No. BBB300 powder, primer and hull are extremely reliable, consistent and clean burning. The Dry – Lok Super Steel wads are specially designed to keep moisture out of the shot charge, which prevents rusting and will not clump when it gets wet, making them the best choice for all waterfowl hunting .

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This Drylok Super Steel won’t rust, making it possible to use your favorite game gun for hunting in saltwater conditions or the toughest upland and dryland conditions.

Winchester Ammunition manufactures a variety of increasingly popular products including the top selling AA TrAAcker, PDX1 Defender, and WinClean lead-free ammunition.

Super Steel features a Diamond Cut Wad for improved pattern density. DRI-LOC Super Steel is the wettest powder available in the U.S.A. driving water out of the equations to greatly reduce pellet distortion which results in more consistent and even patterns. Controlled pellet deformation promotes more complete energy transfer for efficient knockdown power. The DRI-LOC system locks out moisture at the molecular level using a special synthetic buffering agent.

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Drylok Super Steel ammo provides one of the best values for waterfowl hunters. These product details are top of the line, and you can be sure of that when you look at the features for Drylok Super Steel. With its combination of hardened steel shot (1/2% antimony) and a dry barrier to keep moisture away, you can see how these shells are designed to perform at their best! Winchester knows their customers and creates products that they know you’ll be happy with.

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Winchester Drylok Super Steel loads have a specially formulated shotcup that seals the payload at the moment of firing. This exclusive technology keeps powder residue and moisture out of the payload, while keeping the payload inside… so your ammunition is protected against the elements.

The best Winchester Super Steel loads are now Drylok Super Steel. Water absorbing polymers in the primer and propellant provide superior resistance to moisture and cold weather performance. The super steel shot is encapsulated in a DryLock Super Steel Shot, waterfowl load that extends the range of lead loads and maintains pattern density at further distances with less leads. The DryLock technology also creates a barrier between on your propellant. The Waa12 wads help to protect the shot from gas blow by to prevent deformation for hard hitting, dense patterns with WetRot shield for maximum protection against rusting or pitting for long storage life.



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