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Where to buy FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ -1OZ SLUG ? Online USA

Are you looking for Where to buy FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ -1OZ SLUG ? You are in the right place to get cheap price on FIOCCHI 2 3/4″ -1OZ SLUG and great deal! Order now. Limited Quantity Available!. FIOCCHI 12GA 2 3/4″ -1OZ SLUG and more at best price. Check our Online store for great deals on 1000’s of ammo.

This incredible Fiocchi 12ga 2 3/4\” -1oz Slug from Fiocchi, delivers on what is needed for the best all-around shotgun slug for hunting or defense. This 1 Ounce Slug by Fiocchi are an excellent way to get rid of diabetes, depression, stress and heart disease. Fiocchi Exacta High Velocity Slugs 12 GA 2 3/4″ 1 oz Sabot Slug 810 fps 25 Rounds,

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The Fiocchi 12ga, 1oz Slug would be a great addition to your next range trip. These rifled slugs feature a lead projectile with a crimp closure and are suitable for hammer, rolling block, trapdoor and falling block rifles with appropriate sight adjustments. Fiocchi 2 3/4″-8 pellet 00 Buck

I found this at a very reasonable price. I purchased two and I’m very pleased. The Fiocchi Exacta line of slugs contains a variety of the most popular slug types. These rifled slugs are great for hunting or target shooting. Made in Italy Express Slug Hollow based bullet with a cylindrical body and tapering nose; provides excellent shot to shot accuracy within a wide range of velocities Specifications: CALIBER GAUGE LENGTH-INCHES BULLET WEIGHT-GRAMS 1OZ…See more

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Slug is Fiochhi’s first slug with flight control wad, also known as an “F” wad. It is designed to give the shooter a better pattern and tighter distribution than any previous rifled slug. This load features the Monoflex slug which has a sabot rifled base, with a flat front polymer projection that keeps the slug on target for greater accuracy and range. The two copper disks (one in front of the slug and one behind) allow for higher velocities without excessive recoil and also allow for a wider strip of material for more consistent expansion.



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