Federal Small Pistol Magnum #200 Primers | 1,000 Count


BUY Federal Small Pistol Magnum #200 Primers | 1,000 Count

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buy Federal Small Pistol Magnum #200 Primers online

Federal Small Pistol Magnum #200 Primers pistol magnum primers are available 1,000 to the pack. They burn cleaner, delivering less residue and less impact on precision, ensuring the accuracy you demand when match-grade results count

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Our  Small Pistol Magnum are the same primers used in our nickel-plated rounds. This makes them ideal for use in bulk ammunition reloading, because the light-weight metals consistently ignite in both single action and double action firearms. Got federal 210 primers in stock Our Small Pistol Magnums help you fire off a few more rounds without the need to replace your primer, so head to the range with confidence.

Federal Premium® primers are highly-evolved products because you asked for it. Millions of serious shooters use Federal Premium ammunition, and we listen with the intensity of a world-champion marksman, so our primers are something special—consistently dependable, time after time.


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