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WINCHESTER AMMO SBS12L2 BLINDSIDE 12 GAUGE  is not your average round. The shot is encased in a unique hexagonal shaped plastic case, allowing for tight patterns and clean knockdown of waterfowl. The results are almost unbelievable to see on game; the birds literally drop out of the sky!

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Winchester’s Blind Side ammunition is often the deadliest ammunition in the waterfowl blind. When you want to knock down ducks and geese with lethal force, there is no better choice. This ammunition features a FliteControl Flex wad, a unique configuration that ensures your payload stays together through the air for denser patterns as it approaches the bird. The diamond shot also holds up well to repeated impact at close range in order to ensure you bring your target down on the first shot and don’t have an angry goose chasing after you.

The shotgun has seen many evolutions over the decades from the duck hunting side-by-side to the goose gun and then the tactical 870 of today. The only constant is that your shotgun will go places not even imagined when it left Benelli’s factory. One place you don’t want it to go is to a debris-covered armory where a speck of grit can wreak havoc on gold-plated bearing surfaces. Protect your investment with this Winchester Blind Side ammunition.

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BLINDSIDE, an innovative new waterfowl load built with Shot-Lok Technology that delivers consistent, deadly patterns you can take to the field with confidence. With shot sizes and counts tailored perfectly for the most popular North American hunting loads, this is the tightest patterning waterfowl load ever made by Winchester.

Winchester Repeating Arms is committed to giving sportsmen and sportswomen a new level of accuracy, performance, and experience in rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.

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SBS12L2-CASE Winchester Ammo SBS12L2 Blind Side 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 5/8 Oz

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The Winchester® SBS12L2 Blind Side® Shotshells are a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional shot performance for a shell that is ideal for waterfowl hunting. These 3-1/2″ 12 gauge shells features proprietary Diamond Cut™ wadding, which produces a consistent pattern with better downrange energy levels than ordinary wads. While moisture-impervious Hex Shot™ provides tighter patterns with fewer “flyers”. Blind Side loads launch 1-5/8 oz (72 pellets) of Hex Shot, nickel-plated for corrosion resistance and cleanliness.

The 3.5″ 1 5/8oz 2 Shot at 1440fps raises the bar and will soon become your favorite steel shotshell!

Buy Winchester Blind Side Ammunition at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more.

Standard Boxer-type primers and primer pockets mean you can reload Winchester cases just like any other case. Winchester Ammo is known as one of the world’s most respected ammunition brands. For over a century, they’ve been trusted to deliver reliable performance in the field.

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Blindside hollow point shot shells are the industry’s first waterfowling shotshells loaded with flitestop wad column. Advanced technology involving a patent pending waterfowl specific wad and granulated plastic buffer delivers up to 20% denser patterns versus standard lead loads on the market.

The perfect round for waterfowl hunting, Winchester Blind Side Waterfowl loads feature Shot-Lok Technology to help maintain optimum pellet density and pattern performance. This translates to extremely high hit percentages out of the barrel, and gets even more impressive at extended distances. The Blind Side line is also loaded with Hex shot – a cutting edge design that passes effortlessly through the air for better penetration, reduced drag and retained energy. Choose from 2-shot or 3-shot loads.

Shot specifically for rotary magazines, this new load features custom blended powders and primers to produce the most consistent pressures on the market.

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Build to its utmost perfection, Winchester’s Blind Side Ammunition combines patented Diamond Cut Wads that stay with the shot all the way to the target, a design which delivers more consistent and even patterns, higher velocities and greater energy. The unique Hex Shot offers up to 6x expansion on impact, revealing 6 razor-sharp edges upon entry. It also provides a deadly combination of hardness and density while the Slipstream polymer tip increases its ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectories that deliver consistent, lethal knockdown at long range.

Lose no time with the Winchester Blind Side. The super-plated shot is stacked in a column to ensure greater pellet counts, more even patterns and denser downrange energy for maximum impact on the target. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

Featuring FLITECONTROL Wad, the Blind Side Ammo is designed to produce lethal patterns. Now you can say goodbye to squandered shots with our most reliable ammunition yet on the market.

Winchester designed this ammunition to create four parallel petals which radially expand from the 12-gauge shell upon impact with its target. The petals are thicker and heavier than traditional slug designs, which make them capable of delivering concentric, threat-stopping wounding.

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Blind Side is the first truly devastating high density, fluid and friction unstable, hex shaped shot. The unique alloy core, high density composition results in dense even patterns that retain energy better with less pellet deformation and cleaner penetration to your target.

BlindSide features two cube-shaped plas,

Probably one of the best rounds made. Shots ducks like a dream. 50 yard range was a little far for me, but my dad said he harvested geese with this round out to 90 yards. I plan on ordering more next year.



Manufacturer: Winchester Ammo Model: SBS12L2 Condition: Factory New Bullet Type: 2 Shot Load

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Winchester Blind Side ammunition features an exclusive Diamond Cut wad that delivers tight and even patterns with a clean break. The rear-braking Hex Shot creates six sharp edges to penetrate through thick hides and bones. The Hex Shot has 14% less density than lead shot, which means improved speed and more knock down power at long ranges. This 12 gauge 3 3/4″ shell has a 1 7/8″ ounce sabot with

We continue to test BlindSide and are continually impressed with the patterning results. The majority of pellets from a good target load will be found in the center of the pattern giving you high energy transfer and knockdown power. Only in water or gelatin can you see the dramatic flaring effect from its petals that open as they explode outward giving you devastating wound channels that put birds down hard. Wind doesn’t even seem to matter, because BlindSide spreads so quickly, it is FASTER than the wind! Although this ammunition is new, Winchester stands behind its quality and reliability.

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The only thing better than opening a box of new Winchester® Blind Side® ammunition is the first time you fire it. Winchester’s new Blind Side steel and polymer shot hulls have the extra edge over other brands. The strength and elasticity of the Blind Side’s Diamond Cut Wad combined with its FliteControl Flex system greatly reduces pellet deformation and keeps payloads tightly bunched – resulting in improved downrange patterns and quicker kills. It also features a dramatically fluted hull that cuts down on weight, making it easier to carry into the field, while allowing for faster reloads.

Win when it matters most with new Blind Side™ ammunition. Packed with Hex Steel® shot and combined with a Diamond Cut WAD, Blind Side delivers more knock-down power than traditional steel loads. If you’re serious about hunting waterfowl, you need a seriously lethal load.

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The Winchester Super-X line of ammunition is one of the most tried and true lines on the market today. This ammunition has a wide range of uses for defensive, sporting, recreational, or military applications and is great for 3 Gun competitions. Each round is constructed with a brass casing, primers and smokeless powder which makes this ammunition ideal for all weather conditions. Super-X delivers extreme clean burning speed and power to enhance the accuracy of your firearm.

Per Box 25, Per Case 250 Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps. Muzzle Energy: 1609 ft.-lbs. Shot Style: 2 Shot(s). Shot Size: 2. Slug Weight: 1 5/8 oz. Lead Free: Not Lead Free Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): 13000

Visibility-enhancing shot, Incredibly accurate, Black polymer buffering material, Diamond-cut wads

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The Winchester Blind Side Ammunition is one of the hottest lineups in the market for waterfowl hunters, with better penetration and increased knock down power. Blind Side uses a Hex shot with a Flite control wad design that creates 6-petals that open up at the shot. The 2 shot Blind Side ammunition provides reliable shots with its One Piece Hinged Wad and rear-braking hex shot. This ammunition is non-toxic and safe for use in waterfowl hunting locations where nontoxic loads are required.

Winchester’s new Blended Interlocking Technology provides premium waterfowl loads with exceptional stopping power at the furthest reaches. Blends of dissimilar shot densities are precisely calibrated in every load to deliver superior patterns. The shotshells have improved flight performance, higher velocities, hard-hitting terminal energy, more shot on target and tighter downrange patterns so you can reach out further and hit em hard like never before. Academy customers are familiar with Winchester Ammo, whether shotgun shells or other ammo types. If you’re just getting started and need some hunting ammunition for your first hunting trip, stop by our online shop to see all the different caliber ammunition we carry from Winchester.


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