BROWNING WICKED BLEND 12 GAUGE 3.5″ 1 1/2 OZ #2 & #4 BISMUTH SHOT – BOX – B193431242C

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BROWNING WICKED BLEND 12 GAUGE 3.5″ 1 1/2 OZ #2 & #4 BISMUTH SHOT – BOX – B193431242C

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BROWNING WICKED BLEND 12 GAUGE are designed to the highest standards of innovation, precision and technology. In addition to the increase in pellet count and downrange energy, the extra-distance Wicked Wad™ is engineered to ensure uniform shot release and tight patterns through a variety of choke designs. All of this paired with high velocities and a wide choice of shot sizes and you have a formula for depositing more focused, high-energy hits on birds for cleaner kills and easier retrieves. Wicked Blend is offered in two 12ga 3-inch loads and two 12ga 3 1/2-inch loads, where you can choose between a blend of #2 steel with #4 bismuth or BB steel with #1 bismuth.

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  • MPN B193431242C
  • UPC 02089202643
  • Manufacturer BROWNING AMMO
  • Caliber 12 GAUGE AMMO
  • Bullet Type Steel, Bismuth
  • Muzzle Velocity 1500 fps
  • Muzzle Energy ft lbs
  • Primer Shotgun Primer
  • Casing Shotgun Casing
  • Ammo Rating Hunting 12 Gauge Ammo

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Browning Ammunitions Wicked Wing B193431242C Non-Toxic 2 and 4 Bismuth Shot Ammo are used for hunting a variety of game, for trap and skeet.



Browning B193431242C Wicked Wing 12 ga 3.5 1 1/2oz

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2oz

Browning Ammo Wicked Wing 12ga 3.5″ 1 1/2oz

This Browning Wicked Blend Bismuth Shotshells are perfect for those waterfowl and upland hunting seasons. They offer the same density as lead with less penetration, making them perfect for older dogs or when hunting in areas where steel shells are prohibited. Browning also uses a custom blended powder with a high flash point to reduce residue inside your shotgun to keep it clean and functioning at top performance.

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Browning Wicked Wing Bismuth Shotshells offer deadly downrange performance and superior pattern density for more efficient and effective shotgunning. These American made, copper free shells feature the Power Drive Wad that separates and multiplies energy to create a more efficient gas seal and double the cushioning power. The result: tremendous downrange velocity and hard-hitting performance that keeps birds on their feet.

Browning Bismuth Wicked Wing Shotshells for waterfowl hunting. Browning Bismuth Non Toxic Shotshells are the most technologically sophisticated shotshells ever developed. Bismuth is a 100-percent non hazardous and lead-free material that can be disposed of without harm to wildlife or the environment. Bismuth is just as dense as steel and only slightly lighter than tungsten while maintaining similar patterns and velocities. This means you can hunt with them in non-tox zones with confidence that you are getting the best performance out of your shotgun. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable cases.

Browning Bismuth Shotshells feature non-tox loads for close-range hunting.

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The Browning Wicked Wing B193431242C 12 Gauge 3.5″ 23/4


Browning Wicked Blend Waterfowl Shotshells, 12/76 Gauge – 3.5″ chamber, 1 1/2 oz. payload, Shot size

Browning Wicked Blend Bismuth Non-Toxic Shot is highly effective on ducks, geese and upland birds. It is made of 97% pure bismuth that delivers 20 percent higher density than traditional steel shot and retains its high energy right out to 40 yards. The smaller pellets spread for more effective knockdown power. Its unique, spherical shape creates uniform pellet sizes for better long range performance and tighter patterns. This bismuth shot has superior knockdown power and hard hitting efficiency at extended range, even better than high performance tungsten loads.

Browning Wicked Wing Bismuth Non-Toxic Shells 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1-1/2oz

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Wicked Blend is an avid outdoorsman’s dream. The Bismuth-Tin shot is a high-density, non-toxic replacement for lead. It performs almost identical to premium lead shot and has virtually the same density. The flight characteristics of this heavy shot remain the same from pellet to pellet making it the ultimate choice for waterfowl hunters and their dogs.

Wicked Blende is our high-performance lead alternative for the most elite waterfowlers. Bismuth pellets deliver outstanding knockdown power and reliable.

Browning BXD Upland Extra Distance shotshells are designed for long range hunting. Featuring a Flitecontrol wad and hardened pellets, these shells are devastating on birds. The choke tube is included.

All BUFFALO BORE standard pressure DEER GRIZZLY (.45-70) ammunition is safe to use in ALL .45-70 firearms that are in normal operating condition. The following data was developed in a Marlin 1895SBL with 22″ barrel. All loads fired over an Oehler 35P chronograph. Factory guns may or may not be able to match our results and we cannot be responsible for any individual gun issues that might prevent this ammunition from functioning and/or shooting to its full potential.

Targets that can be used for training classes or just practicing,Durable Polyethylene material, Proprietary impact-modified polymer stands up to punishing ammunition for long lasting use and includes stake kit, Easy-to-see orange plastic construction is highly visible with vivid color easy to see from a distance, Impact-modified polymer

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Browning Wicked Wing Waterfowl Shotgun Ammunition B193431242C, 12 Gauge, 3-1/2 in, 1-1/2 oz, 1325 fps,

Browning Wicked Wing Waterfowl hunting ammunition is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Loaded with a 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz round this ammo has a muzzle velocity of 1310 fps and 2590 ft lbs of energy. This ammo can be used on a variety of game. The Browning Wicked Blend 12 gauge 3.5″ shot contains



$$$$Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 Oz

BROWNING Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1-1/2OZ

The Browning Wicked Wing 12-gauge 2.75″ NUMBER 4 & 6 steel shot is designed for consistent patterning, especially in cold weather. The steel shot is designed for deep penetration in waterfowls.

Quantity – 2000 rounds per case; 10 boxes of 20 shells per caseManufacturer – Browning Bullets – 1-1/2 oz.

Wicked Blend provides a new level of versatility for waterfowl hunters. The lightest payload ever produced by Winchester at 1250 fps, and baking powder in the shells

Browning Wicked Wing Bismuth Non Toxic Loads are some of the best waterfowl loads on the market today.

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Ga 3.5″ 1 1/2 Oz

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 OZ

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1-1/2 Oz

Browning Wicked Wing 3 1/2″ 12 Gauge B193431242C

Wicked Blend Bismuth Waterfowl Shot, 12 Gauge 3.5″, 1-1/2 Ounces

The Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge Ammo is one of the best choices for waterfowl hunting, as well as other types of game and targets. The wads are very reliable, so you can get a lot of use out off this ammunition without it failing.

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Browning’s Wicked Wing Blend is a versatile load that functions flawlessly in all weather with any Browning shotgun. The Bismuth blend pellets feature one-piece construction for added durability and consistent shot patterns, round to flush-fitting chokes and the Invector DS choke tube system. These special features offer excellent patterning performance which does not require specifically designed chokes to perform well. Each box of ammo comes with a total of about 282 pellets.

For those hard-charging, long-bearded hunters who want the toughest shotshell for waterfowl hunting and clay busting, the Wicked Wing 3 inch 12 gauge shells are what you need. The Bismuth shot has been processed to keep it from deforming in the magazine. Browning’s Diamond Shot Process guarantees uniform patterning regardless of if you are bringing down ducks or busting clays. These shells feature PowerDrive wads that give you more destructive energy at even greater distances. Featuring a 3 inch magnum shot shell case, these shells are capable of greater power without sacrificing any downrange velocity. For those who want a larger payload and more powerful recoil, these Wicked Wing 3 inch 12 gauge shotgun shells are the perfect choice


What you may not know is that the Browning Wicked Wing 9mm shells have been thoroughly tested and approved for use in all types of 9mm handguns, including +P rated firearms. So you can bring in a nice harvest of doves or clay pigeons whichever you choose with one type of ammunition.

Wicked bismuth shatters ordinary perceptions, providing superior density and consistent expansion. This increased energy, along with the patterning benefits of bismuth, makes this offering important for waterfowlers who believe that all shots should be kill shots.

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Browning B193431242C Wicked Wing Waterfowl Loads – 12 Gauge, 3 1/2″,

Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge – Box. Browning’s Wicked Wing type of ammunition is dedicated to the waterfowl hunter that demands state-of-the-art performance under any imaginable condition. This premium ammunition features the BLEND technology, consisting of an alloy that blends antimony and tin. This ensures better pellet integrity, reducing deformation and promoting consistent, lethal patterns. Bismuth shot provides a distinct advantage in the field for waterfowl hunters looking for an alternative to steel without giving up the lethality of a lead load at close range. The result is a high potential downrange energy and pellet count with a medium velocity payload providing ideal flight characteristics.

Great for waterfowl hunting or for use with steel and bismuth shot, Browning’s Wicked Wing Blend 12 Gauge Shells come in a case of 250 and feature a 3 1/2-inch design. The shells are loaded with 1 1/2 ounces of

Wicked Blend… the deadliest blend. Ammoland Inc. Posted on January 18, 2020 January 22, 2020 by AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson. Winchester Hunting Ammunition is excited to announce the launch of Wicked Blend shotshells engineered for high-performance in extreme conditions. Wicked Blend offers consistent patterning and penetration for a smooth…

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The first affordable steel shotshells on the market, Browning’s Wicked Wing Steel Shot Ammunition is loaded at 1750-1800 FPS for maximum pattern density. A perfect choice for hunting waterfowl on big open ponds or big eastern timber holes where heavy loads are required. 28 Pellet 1300 FPS.


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