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BROWNING WICKED BLEND 12 GAUGE bismuth and steel blended loads offer a superior precision and wicked energy over standard waterfowl rounds. Browning Wicked Blend ammunition’s high velocity design allows for maximum downrange energy in a 3″ shell. Corrosion resistant #2 steel shot (70%) and a #4 bismuth shot (30%), along with aerodynamically stabilized Wicked Wad, allow for improved downrange patterns in all conditions and to deliver wicked-hard hits further.

25 rounds per box. Browning Wicked Blend brings a new level of premium performance to the waterfowl world for maximum effectiveness on ducks and geese. The roundest, smoothest, most uniform, aerodynamic steel and bismuth shot are stacked inside the Wicked Wad to deliver high downrange energy and wicked-tight patterns. All of this makes Wicked Blend simply The Best There Is in waterfowl ammunition.

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  • MPN B193431232C
  • UPC 020892026479
  • Manufacturer BROWNING AMMO
  • Caliber 12 GAUGE AMMO
  • Bullet Type Steel, Bismuth
  • Muzzle Velocity 1450 fps
  • Muzzle Energy ft lbs
  • Primer Shotgun Primer
  • Casing Shotgun Casing
  • Ammo Rating Hunting 12 Gauge Ammo

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Browning B193431242C Wicked Wing 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz

If you love huntings and shoots then you will definitely appreciate the BROWNING WICKED BLEND 12 GAUGE 3.5″ 1 1/2 OZ

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz

Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1-1/2 Oz


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The new Browning Wicked Wing line of ammunition delivers exceptional performance, shot after shot. The tungsten nickel-iron alloy shotshells provide the highest pellet counts possible with a broad range of payload options. Bismuth shotshells provide a non-toxic alternative to steel and lead. 12 ga., 2-3/4″, 1-1/2 oz., Box of 25

In Browning’s Wicked Wing line, Bismuth is a nontoxic alternative to lead shot. This 12-gauge ammunition offers the versatility of both a

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$14.50 Per Box of 25 Rounds – 3 1/2″

Superior long-range aerodynamic performance. Reliably cycles through all semi-auto shotguns. Made in the USA.

Wicked Wing™ is a patented blend of


Browning Wicked Wing Upland 12 Gauge 3.5in 1 1/2 oz 2 Shot and 4 Shot Bismuth Shotgun Shells – 25 Rounds

Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 Oz 2 Shot 25bx 25cs

Browning Wicked Wing 12 gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz

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Speed is of the essence. Wicked Blend offers devastating speed and performance at long-range by combining Federal® lead, copper-plated and bismuth shot within a single 3 1/2″, fast1 1/4 oz load. This high performance shell delivers shots at speeds up to 1525 feet per second with

12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2Oz.

Get the most out of your next hunting trip with this 12 Gauge ammunition from Browning. This 3.5″ shell features a 1-1/2 oz payload of

Lighter, smaller and denser than steel, bismuth pellets offer quality performance and high energy on targets. Twelve shot size increments give you the options to select the ideal ammunition for any given situation.
The high-luster nickel-plated head maximizes patterning consistency and protects against corrosion, while the polywad column cushions the shot for tighter patterns, longer range and better penetration. Browning® Bismuth® payloads are made from 97% pure bismuth – nearly 20% of the metal’s alloys are tin, which enhances pellet strength to prevent deformation. Great for all types of clay shooting, Bismuth® loads also perform well in upland hunting field situations.

Browning Challenger 2 Wicked Wing 12 Gauge Shotshells are back and better than ever. Browning’s new Wicked Wing line of waterfowl loads were built with demanding duck hunters in mind. Quality, performance, and consistency will make these the only waterfowl shells you’ll want this season. Perfect for hunting high flying geese, these devastating loads produce a combination of BB and

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Better Performance Your hunting rounds perform better because they match your shooting style and load requirements.

Browning B193431242C Wicked Wing 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 OZ 2 & 4 Shot Shells – Per 25 The Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge Ammunition uses the world’s first steel waterfowl shot type specifically designed to improve lethal pellet counts at longer ranges with minimal pellet deformation.

This new Buckhammer maximizes pattern density for clean kills at extended ranges and also features a non-penetrating ballistipure copper head that protects the integrity of the pellet by reducing deformation. Meanwhile, it still offers great designs like FLITECONTROL FLEX wads and Waterproof Drylok Super Steel shotshells. If you need some of the most reliable waterfowl ammunition ever made, choose Browning’s excellent Wicked Wing 12 Gauge Ammunition. Specifications: – Gauge: 12 GA

Browning B193431242C Wicked Blend 3.5″ 1-1/2oz

Browning Wicked Wing Waterfowl line of ammo is now available in a Non-Tox Bismuth shot. This non-toxic, tungsten alloy alternative to lead is extremely dense and impact resistant, making for the perfect shotgun shell for waterfowlers. Available in 12 gauge 3.5”, this

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The Browning Wicked Wing shotgun ammunition features a steel/bismuth blended shot that ensures high performance when it counts the most. These loads utilize a custom blended powder mix to ensure top velocity and consistencies, copper plated shot for deeper penetration and better patterns and the Flitecontrol Flex wad which delivers the best patterning possible for your shotgun. Loaded to strict tolerances, this ammunition allows you to focus on the hunt, not which ammo to take.

Like the original Wicked Wing Steel, this new series features size 4 and 6 Bismuth shot for deeper penetration. The 12-gauge 3-inch shells in shotshell loads deliver dense patterns in Specklebelly and Snow Goose-sized shot sizes

If you’re looking for a steel range ammunition that delivers true fatal performance, look no further than the Browning Apex Bismuth Technology. Featuring waterfowl loads, upland loads, and rooster x feature innovative speed lock ballistic technology that combines with the company’s apex bismuth shells to deliver a lethal pattern every time.
Available: Waterfowl 3 1/2″ Steel 2-1/4 oz., 1,570 fps 4-Shot, Per 15; Waterfowl 3″ Steel 2-1/4 oz., 1,550 fps 4-Shot, Per 15; Upland 3″ Steel 2 oz., 1,450 fps 4-Shot, Per 15; Rooster X 3″ Steel 2 oz., 1,415 fps 4-Shot, Per 15.

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Move over, steel: Bismuth is the new waterfowl legend. Bismuth is a rare metal that has qualities similar to steel – but in a nontoxic form. Wicked Wing® is our fastest bismuth shotshells ever, with velocities up to 1,425 fps. This versatile shotshells are equally at home among northeastern hardwoods and the marshes of the west coast.

All the leading trends in shot shell technology are brought together in Browning Wicked Wing®. This premium waterfowl load delivers the best performance at a fair price. The Combination of Shot and Wads is optimized for density and down-range energy while minimizing felt recoil.

Flawless cycling in all shotguns, consistent performance and uniform patterns. Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner. Sure-fire CCI priming. Reusable plastic box with Super Glide shot protector.

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Browning Wicked Blend 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 Oz

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Browning’s Bismuth shotshells utilize high-performance powders and premium primers to provide the ultimate in performance for your waterfowl, upland, or target needs. Browning Wicked Blend shotshells are manufactured by Winchester and use the same Winchester and Fiocchi hulls you know and trust. The Bismuth load is a specialty load for the serious waterfowl hunter.

High-velocity loads have long been considered beneficial when hunting geese, but now there’s a Bismuth non-toxic alternative that delivers the same power and performance. These loads pattern tighter, strike harder, and cripple birds more efficiently than other Bismuth offerings on the market.

Wicked Blend shells are specifically designed for use in waterfowl hunting, with full coverage of BB shot in the upper half of the wad column. This provides full coverage in short-to-mid range shots, where most waterfowl encounters occur. Browning’s Wicked Wings 12 Gauge Ammunition incorporates the FliteControl Flex wad with new and improved shot cup, specially blended powders, and buffered shot. This ammunition fires 1-1/2 ounces of



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From the most technologically advanced wad system to the most consistent premium range lead shot and powder, Browning Wicked Wing shotshells are engineered to give you the ultimate hunting advantage. By removing friction against the walls of the hull, and deforming more uniformly, the Flitecontrol Wad delivers a denser pattern with up to 14% fewer pellets outside of 30 yards than standard lead loads.

The Bismuth/Tungsten-iron shot is more than twice as hard as steel so it penetrates deeper, maintains an even energy release along its path and hits with force you’ll feel all the way from your gun to your dog’s mouth. The Flightcontrol Flex Wad also allows for use in cylinder bore shotguns yet still gives you consistent patterns in modified chokes at longer ranges. With a best in class pressure curve that delivers more consistent velocities, Browning Wicked Wing shotshells are optimized for shooting through barrel ports on semiauto waterfowl guns.

At Browning we are committed to combining the most effective payload formulas with the best designs in our steel and bismuth offerings. This load is designed to put maximum pellet energy on target and give you the most lethal pattern possible. BountySteel and Bismuth loads have the perfect combination of speed, density and downrange energy to get the job done.

The Wicked Wing range uses a high quality Bismuth shot with wad pressure ring system which keeps the shot together and gives increased penetration. The low recoil ensures consistent aiming.

When you’re looking for a round to reach deep into the pheasant cover or wood duck marshes, choose the unique blend of components and construction in Browning Wicked Wing shotshells. After years of testing, this perfect combination includes shot sizes not available from any other manufacturer. The Flitecontrol Wad provides the most effective and consistent pattern on target distances up to 50 yards. The Bismuth-Tin pellet is an ideal combination of high density and relatively soft pellet for even better performance at extended ranges.

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