Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb


Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb

The best basic powder for your first reloads. In addition to the features that are common to all Power Pro powders, Promo offers both clean burning and low muzzle flash.

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Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb

Buy Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb at Midwest Gun Works. Alliant Promo Smokeless Powder – 8lb is fast burning, ideal for handgun cartridges and light rifle cartridges like the .25-20 and .32-20. For black powder enthusiasts, PROMO works well as a magnum revolver powder.

Buy Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb online at a cheap rate. We offer several smokeless powder options to choose from. Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder is one of the newest innovative propellants for shotshell, handgun and rifle ammunition reloading. They’re ideal for target loads and plinking ammo in small to large caliber cartridges because they’re clean burning and consistent. Find a great selection of Alliant smokeless gun powder at low prices today!

Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb. Is one of the most economical smokeless powders for reloading 12-gauge target loads. It meters well through powder measures and yields excellent patterns at reasonable velocities and pressures.

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Alliant Promo smokeless gun powder is the best economical choice for 12 gauge target loads. This 1-1/8 oz unique gun powder has similar burning speed to Red Dot and is the number one choice for high volume 12 gauge target loads. This non-toxic, clean burning smokeless gun powder pours easily, meters accurately, and burns cleanly in any shotshell load. Order today and save on your next reloads!

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Alliant Powder Promo is a single base, spherical rifle powder designed for target shooting and hunting. It meters through powder measures with outstanding accuracy so your loads are uniform, reliable and predictable. Alliant Powder Promo is easy to use, low fuming smokeless gun powder for cartridges calibers that reloaders have demanded.

A powder for high volume handgun shooters. Promo is an extruded powder that offers consistency charge-to-charge, resulting in excellent accuracy. Promo has the same burn speed as Alliant Bullseye and is ideally suited for light target loads in 38 Special, 45 ACP, and 9mm.

Looking for a powerful and accurate gun powder. Alliant powder is the answer!

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Promo powder is a fast-burning, double-base rifle propellant that produces uniform velocity and pressure. This allows for reliable function in semi-automatic rifles and carbines.

Significantly cleaner burning than other propellants. Excellent uniformity & bulk density in reloading. Easier to measure than other fine grained powders. Excellent results in all muzzleloading calibers and in cartridges like 30-30, 30-06, 8×57 and others

Each pound of Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder contains approximately 4480 grains. There are 7000 grains per pound. 46,000 total grains

Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder is the perfect choice for your next reloading project. These spherical powder flakes are double base in composition, meaning nitroglycerin and nitroglycol are used to improve the burning rate of the propellant, which in turn maximizes available energy and improves accuracy. This versatile powder features a wide range of uses, from barking competition loads for riot guns all the way up to heavy hitting magnum loads for large caliber rifles.

Experience the milestone that changed the history of handgun ammunition with Alliant Powder. Promo is the cleanest burning, most consistently performing powder for target and trap shooting loads. Its unique granulation can be distributed evenly, regardless of position or angle. This translates into less waste and fewer reloads.

Promo smokeless gun powder is a ball powder that was designed to be super clean burning. This fast burning and extremely clean burning, spherical powder is great for pistol shooters looking for a very fine, free flowing powder. Promo is the perfect choice for target shooting. It does not foul barrels; it’s less sensitive to temperature changes; and it has very little muzzle flash.

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A fast burning powder that is the choice of many 7.62 x 39 handloaders. Promo will give you the accuracy, velocity and clean burning characteristics that you can always expect with Alliant powders.

In order to be classified as a “Promo” powder, Alliant Powder assures its consistency and reliability at various temperatures and under various conditions. Easy metering, great for beginners.

By paying close attention to the entire loading process, Alliant has produced a powder that is equally, if not more consistent than any other propellants on the market. This creates a powder that meters smoothly through all types of measures, giving you an accurate and efficient load with every shot.

Unlike new propellants introduced in recent years, Promo is a proven accurately metering powder with excellent lot-to-lot consistency. Those who have used it, like it! Better yet, you’ll love it too. It’s said that true innovation won’t be found on the front page of a newspaper but instead discovered by those who stand in the shadows.

Promo is the cleanest burning, most consistent 12 gauge target load powder we’ve ever produced. If you want your shotgun to perform at its absolute best, use Promo.

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The best basic powder for your first reloads. In addition to the features that are common to all Power Pro powders, Promo offers both clean burning and low muzzle flash. Features: Clean burning and low muzzle flash Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate Accurate

Buy Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb online at the lowest price, with cheap shipping and no sales tax! Secure Checkout.

Buy Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb by the Pallet and Save. Available while supplies last!

Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb. Smokeless powder is ideal for reloading 12-gauge target loads and other applications using 1-1/8 or 1 ounce shot charges

Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder

Alliant Promo Smokeless Gun Powder

The Alliant Reloader Powder 8 lb is the best smokeless powder for 12 gauge loads and much more. Has extra – density burning characteristics that results in more energy from every grain. Best low – cost target powder.

The folks at Alliant Powder® are proud of their Promo® smokeless powder. It is, after all, the same powder that has propelled bullets for Winchester’s successful Power-Point®, Super-X®, and Silvertip® ammunition. The same quality powder used in Winchester factory ammunition!Variable burn rate. Suitable for target shooting in a variety of rifles and handguns, including those with tubular magazines.

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Increase your AR15 speed, accuracy, and muzzle flash. This innovative Smokeless Powder for Reloading is sure to make your shots more accurate and decrease the time of split intervals. Promo Smokeless powder comes in 8-pound containers to provide you with consistent and reliable performance.

This powder will be great in a wide array of cartridges and is capable of achieving high velocities in relatively short barrel lengths. Promo can be used in small capacity straight wall rifle cartridges like the 38 Special and 45 ACP. It is also available in 8 pound containers.

A new standard in economy rifle and handgun ammunition. Promo has a clean, fast burn and consistent velocities making it the ideal choice for target shooting. Low flash and temperature sensitive, it’s perfect for use in semi-auto rifles and pistols. Available in one pound, four pound and eight pound containers.

The economical answer to target practice, plinking competitions and reloading. Promo has been specially designed for .22 caliber pistols and sters providing excellent cycling and clean burning.

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