Ramshot Competition Smokeless Gun Powder


Ramshot Competition Smokeless Gun Powder



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Ramshot Competition Smokeless Gun Powder is formulated to meet the demands of the discriminating benchrest shooter. This smokeless powder features consistent performance, load after load in your rifle or handgun. This powder also has broader usable charge weights in rifles and handguns which means you can get more use out of a single container of powder which gives you more accuracy, shot after shot.

This Competition Smokeless Gun Powder is a versatile rifle, pistol, and shotgun powder. Fast burning and particularly temperature insensitive, it’s known for its performance in both the hot and humid climates of the South and the cold, dry climates of the North.

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Competition Smokeless Powder is a double-base spherical powder that offers outstanding performance with a wide range of cartridges from the 223 to the 338 magnums. Ramshot Competition is designed for benchrest, target, and high power rifle matches where consistency and accuracy are critical. Its excellent metering and clean burning characteristics make it a favorite among precision ammo makers.

This Product™ is engineered as a multipurpose powder to fit the needs of many of today’s popular handgun cartridges. This extruded flake powder performs well in both target and self-defense loads and meters smoothly through progressive powder measures


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