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Supreme High Velocity Drylok Super Steel and Super-X Drylok Super Steel Shotshells give you the ultimate in water resistant, high velocity, knock down performance in any foul weather hunting condition.

Attribute Value
Gauge 12 Gauge
Type High Velocity
Length 3.5″
Ounces 1-9/16 oz
Shot Size 3
Muzzle Velocity 1375 fps
Rounds Per Box 25
Boxes Per Case 10
Application Waterfowl
Manufacturer Part Number XSM12L3


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20 boxes per case / 100 rounds per box. The New Drylok Super Steel line of waterfowl shotshells from Winchester Ammunition continue to set the standard for performance, quality and value on the waterfowl marsh. Drylok Super Steel magnum loads are made with hardened enamel-like coatings that protect the steel shot from deformation and make it virtually impervious to moisture that can damage even conventional lead shot.

The Drylok Super Steel Magnum has always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to ammo versatility and reliability. This highly versatile load will work with every gun in your collection, from small-frame target guns, midsize upland guns, and large waterfowl workhorses.

The Drylok Supreme Steel is a unique lead-free waterfowl load optimized for killer patterns on longer shots like those over the decoys. Featuring a water-resistant shell and high-power Blue Shock pellet, this ammunition has better penetration to reach deeper into vital organs. Pick up this game-changing load today to ensure lethal patterns and consistent performance on even the longest of shots.

DRYLOK Super Steel is formulated with a DryLok Super Steel Shot and features a Big Cat Hooked Wad designed to maintain shot pellet shape. In addition, compared to conventional High Antimony lead shot, Drylok Super Steel is harder, denser and doesn’t deform as easily. Combined with Deep Penetrating Catalyst technology for increased penetration. Premium steel shot for high-quality performance!

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The Drylok shot cup was designed for the most challenging shotshell situations faced by wildfowl hunters. It stands up to the punishing abuse of steel shot and is equipped with Winchester’s Versatile wad technology; a soft gasket built into the base wad that cushions the shot during firing to reduce pellet deformation and patterns while maximizing retained velocity and energy.

Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities. The company offers a wide range of products from the most prevalent calibers to some uncommon ones. Whether you need ammunition for target practice, hunting purposes or defensive measures, there is plenty to choose from at Winchester.

XSM12L3C Drylok Super Steel Magnum 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 9/16 po, 3 Shot Case

Drylok Super Steel 12 ga 3.5″ 1 9/16 oz 3 Shot

Winchester Super-X Steel Drylok Super Steel 12ga 3.5″ 1-9/16oz

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Drylok Super Steel shotgun ammunition was designed using Drylok Super Steel shotgun ammunition was designed using the best components available and produced with the strictest manufacturing tolerances to provide you with all-weather performance when you need it. Ammunition is 100% weatherproof and features a custom blended powder to achieve higher velocities and optimal energy, while also preventing corrosion in the barrels. Drylok Super Steel shotgun ammunition also features a cannelured, zinc-plated steel shot that provides protection against fouling, rusting and deformation of the pellet. Manufacturer’s 12 gauge ammo Slug specifications: Gauge 12 Action Slug Type 3 Shot Size 3.5″ Velocity 1500 ft/sec

Winchester’s Drylok Super Steel shotshells feature a high technology barrier. echnology that protects steel shot from moisture. This barrier causes water to bead up and roll off, which keeps your steel shot round dry and your shells ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice. Drylok Super Steel is one of Winchester’s most reliable shotshells for long-lasting performance under any conditions.

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Drylok Lead-Free Super Steel takes a bold leap forward in the development of environmentally friendly nontoxic waterfowl ammunition. The Drylok Super Steel is made with Winchester’s brand new water-resistant catalyst technology that protects against corrosion buildup, debris and powder fouling. Additionally, its 20 percent denser payload than traditional steel loads makes it the most deadly round available for high volume waterfowlers. Drylok Super Steel is designed to not only withstand the environment, but to also re

Drylok Super Steel is the ultimate in water resistant ammunition, with a polymer coating that keeps out moisture, preserves rust-free shine and resists scratches. That means less corrosion in the barrel, smoother feeding and consistent cycling in both semi-automatics and pumps. Drylok is available in .410 bore (2 ½” shell) so that every shooter has a reliable and affordable product for clay shooting or hunting.

The Drylok Super Steel Most Dependable Steel Shot Available – Longer, Straighter Patterns for Increased Knockdown Power. More Kill and Less Meat Damage. In-Line Recessed Double Base (RDB) N/A

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The perfect choice for duck hunting, Winchester Drylok Super Steel shotshells are hard-hitting, reliable and dependable in any weather condition. Loaded with 1-9/16 oz of steel shot and Drylok Super Steel wads to produce the tightest patterns possible. Drylok Super Steel incorporates two gas seals to keep water out and high pressure gases in.

DRYLOK SUPER STEEL features our proprietary DRYLOX(R) technology, developed specifically for steel shot. The water-resistant cartridge is constructed for high velocity and maximum knockdown power. One piece wads also contribute to increased barrel protection. DRYLOK SUPER STEEL performs best at temperatures above freezing due to the need for the water to melt from the payload.

Drylok Super Steel is the only steel shot in the industry with Winchester Drylok Super Steel shot for fast, consistent and reliable performance. The Drylok process seals the pellets inside and out, eliminating pellet deformation and helping the shot retain its shape in flight – ensuring consistent penetration and hard-hitting performance on waterfowl. With great knockdown power your waterfowl won’t go anywhere.

Drylok Super Steel shotgun shells feature a drylok super steel shot, stacked muzzle and more.

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Our Drylok Super Steel loads are the original high-velocity steel waterfowl loads. With a lot of velocity and a lot of shot, these loads deliver devastating patterns as they get birds to drop fast. Arms duck hunters with better shells at a value price.

This winchester ammo is ready to be taken on your next hunt! Outstanding performance!

Winchester ammunition offers 9mm Luger loadings to fit high-performance handguns and also some of their most iconic lever-action rifles.

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Winchester XSM12L3C Super Steel 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 9/16 oz 3 Shot – CASE

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The Winchester Super-X Drylok Super Steel ammo is a powerful round packed with high-quality components and designed to pack a punch. These 12 Gauge loads are made with 1335 FPS of velocity, 3.5 inch shells, 1 9/16 ounce of shot, and 1 3/4 drams of powder. What is unique about this particular ammunition is that it features the Drylok Super Steel moisture resistant hulls that are 100% waterproof and will not rust or corrode even in the worst conditions!

Winchester Super-X loads are the most technologically advanced ammunition. Temperature extremes won’t stop Winchester Super-X from performing to maximum potential. If you want improved ballistic performance from magnum shotshell loads, this is the only choice of shooting enthusiasts. This ammunition is new product, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

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The lot is a thousand rounds of 9mm ammo loaded with 115 grain flat nose bullets. All of our ammunition is manufactured in the United States at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant to Federal Cartridge Company specs for commercial ammunition. These are the same components used by our own Military and are considered the benchmark for American made 9mm ammo. This lot of ammo was manufactured for us and you will receive 1,000 rounds packaged in 20 round boxes inside shrink wrapped boxes of 50.

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Super-X ammunition continues to be manufactured using the same quality control systems, quality materials and components, and strict manufacturing process as it has since 1922. Super-X slugs, buckshot and high power lead loadings excel at close quarters situations like turkey hunting or deer stands, while clean burning powders produce smaller shot patterns at longer distances.

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WINCHESTER AMMO XSM12L3C DRYLOK SUPER STEEL MAGNUM 12 GAUGE 3.5″ 1 9/16 OZ 3 SHOT – CASE, SKU: MR132795 (196), UPC: 020892213428 – Winchester Drylok Super Steel loads are engineered with an advanced waterproofing formula that seals out moisture and prevents your centerfire ammunition from rusting at the core, so you’ll be confident in the performance of your game-dropping lead. Drylok Super Steel loads have high-performing and reliable primers, clean burning powders that maintain steady flight and hard lead shot, providing great knock-down power. Winchester Ammunition has been manufacturing hight quality sporting ammunition for over 150 years. Trust Winchester for your hunting needs!

Winchester Ammunition Drylok Super Steel Magnum 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 9/16 oz 3 Shot CASE

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Winchester Drylok Super Steel 12 Gauge ammunition features high velocity steel shot that boasts a 10% improvement in pellet energy over standard loads for superior penetration at extended ranges. Solid base lead free primers and Clean burning proprietary propellants ensure consistent and reliable performance. The case of 3000 rounds ensures you never run out when you need it most and delivers unmatched value through the “Super X” quality brands.

Drylok Super Steel Magnum shotshells are the toughest and hardest-hitting steel loads on the water. Drylok’s revolutionary technology fuses the base wad and hull of the shotshell together to pack over 1,200 psi more pressure to deliver 30% more knockdown power.

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The Super Steel Magnum family offers improved speed and increased toughness in a lead-free waterfowl hunting load. Drylok Super Steel Magnum is built with the same value and quality that hunters have come to expect in a Super X Waterfowl load, with more options to meet personal preference requirements.

Recognized for their unmatched dependability, Winchester Super-X Drylok steel shotshell ammunition continues to exceed the expectations of waterfowl hunters. With Drylok technology, steel shot pellets are coated with a special formulation that locks in the hard-hitting power you count on in cold, wet conditions.

One of the best steel shot shells ever made. Three drylok super steel pellet

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