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Buy Vihtavuori N105 Smokeless Gun Powder ONLINE

The N105 cartridge powder is perfect for small-caliber, high-velocity cartridges. It exhibits the same burning characteristics and pressures as its older brother, the N110, but in a volumetrically smaller package. This makes the N105 a good choice if you need to increase the case fill, especially in tapered cases such as .270 Win., .30-06, .300 Win. Mag. and similar cartridges (Please monitor pressure signs). Nearly every new-manufactured bottle of VihtaVuori power carries the unique lot number on the label.

Carefully saved lot number data helps in quality assurance regarding for instance ballistic properties and detection of any possible impurities. For reloaders this means more safety and better ammunition performance.

Vihtavuori N105 FOR SALE black powder gun

N105 is the smokeless powder used in the 6 mm BR Norma cartridge, usually in a loading closest to 42 grains. This is a medium-slow burning extruded propellant offering excellent high velocity performance in .22 caliber cartridges as well as superb metering characteristics.

In fact, this powder is noted by some competitive shooters as having even better metering traits than Varget and Benchmark. N105 is also suitable for magnum handgun and some small rifle applications. black powder gun kits for sale

Vihtavuori Reloading Manual provides load data for over two hundred and fifty different rifle and handgun cartridges. This edition includes about 200 different Vihtavuori smokeless powders and details over 2,600 unique loading recipes.

The book contains the following chapters: Introduction, Hunting & Sporting Cartridges, I-Section (Sporting Cartridges), II-Section (Sporting Cartridges), III-Section (Sporting Cartridges), IV-Section (Hunting Cartridges), Rifle Reloading Data (Muzzle Loading Rifles Included), Pistol Reloading Data, How To Use This Manual, Base Charge Weight For All Loads, Vihtavuori Powders in Short and Glossary. unique gun powder for sale


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