Ramshot Enforcer Smokeless Gun Powder


Ramshot Enforcer Smokeless Gun Powder

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Ramshot Enforcer Smokeless Gun Powder is suited for a wide range of applications and is extremely suitable for magnum handgun cartridges. AKA: Ramshot Hunter. Enforcer Smokeless Gun Powder is a fast burning, very clean burning powder designed specifically for high volume, 9MM Luger NATO, 38 Super and similar pistol cartridges. Outstanding performance in 9mm Auto and 38 Super. Also performs extremely well in higher pressure 38 Super loads.

Ramshot Enforcer is a double base spherical handgun powder that exhibits superb performance when loaded to maximum charges in magnum calibers. Measuring just 0.005-inch in diameter, each granule of Ramshot Enforcer burns clean and consistent.

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Ramshot is a versatile powder for light to heavy loads, especially the 9mm and .45 Auto. It features good loading density, quick potent acceleration through the charge weight range, and easy metering. When loaded to 5 grains below maximum it functions 100% in high-capacity magazines without hang-ups or stovepipes. Enforcer works well with cast bullets, but it also has enough performance to get a 115-127 grain bullet out of a 5″ barrel at close to 1500 fps.

Ramshot  is a super magnum rifle powder. Enforcer was designed to be the ultimate powder for both the 300 Remington Ultra and the 7mm Remington Ultra Mag cartridges, but will work well in many other magnum cartridges like the 35 Whelen and 375 H&H.

Shooters want to spend more time at the range and less on cleaning their guns. The no residue, non-toxic Enforcer delivers just that. It guarantees less fouling and quick, easy clean up between sessions. Enforcer is a perfect choice for law enforcement/military as well as military ammo manufacturers.


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