Remington Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity


Remington Ammunition PHV1235M5A Premier High-Velocity Magnum Turkey 12 Gauge 3


buy Remington Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity onlineĀ 

Buy Remington Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity online Loads add a whole new dimension to this high-performance package. With Remington’s specially blended powder recipe, advanced Power Piston one-piece wad, and hardened copper-plated shot, these new high-velocity loads deliver extremely dense patterns and outstanding knockdown power like clockwork.

Remington Premier Magnum Turkey High-Velocity 5Rds 12Ga 3.5-in-chamber 2oz 5-shot Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Remington
  • Caliber 12 GA
  • Type Copper-Plated Lead
  • Gauge 12 Gauge
  • Model PHV1235M5A
  • Rounds per box 5
  • Muzzle Velocity 1300 fps
  • Length 3.5″
  • Ounces 2 oz
  • Shot Size 5
  • Drams 20
  • Application Hunting/Target



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