These high quality light weight bismuth shells are a great alternative for non-toxic birds hunting. They are available in 4 sizes. – Bismuth 20 gauge 1oz 4 Shot – B203W284C

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KENT BISMUTH 20 GAUGE light weight bismuth shells are a great alternative for non-toxic birds hunting. They are available in 4 sizes. – Bismuth 20 gauge 1oz 4 Shot – B203W284C.

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Kent Bismuth shotshells are the heaviest non-toxic payloads ever loaded in a shotshell – approximately 66% denser than steel and just shy of tungsten matrix. This adds up to more energy, longer effective range and better patterning.

Kent Bismuth Waterfowl is one of the most reliable ammunition choices for avid waterfowl hunters. The shot is a nontoxic bullet that performs better than standard steel load. Unlike steel, the bismuth pellet doesn’t deform or decelerate in the cold temperatures typically found during the early waterfowl season, when the birds are at their fastest. Contact us with any questions

Bismuth is environmently friendly and performs like lead allowing you to get the most out of your waterfowl hunt with K.E.N.T. Bismuth Non-Toxic Cartridges! This ammunition has been case hardened for increased strength and less pressure variation from lot to lot, resulting in better shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy. Featuring a premium wad for consistent patterns, it also includes a blue hull for long term identification for reloaders!

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Kent Cartridge Bismuth Waterfowl Ammunition is impeccably engineered for ultra-dense, tight-patterning performance in the most punishing field conditions. The proprietary formulation and granulation process harness the natural plating characteristics of bismuth to yield uniform density, superior weight retention and superb long-range ballistics. The result is unprecedented performance on waterfowl shot after shot.

If you are looking for a high quality ammunition for hunting or other sporting events, Kent Bismuth 20 Gauge ammo is for you. With Federal Premium’s new Bismuth Shotshells, its non-toxic properties make hunting virtually maintenance free. The unique bismuth formulation shot includes a higher antimony composition to create even patterns and reliable performance. With special premium primers and the finest gunpowder, this ammunition will provide premium performance.

The 20 Gauge 3″ 1 oz Shot is non-toxic in alternative material shot shells. This shell features Hardness after firing enhanced with the addition of antimony Durability that recreates the deadliness of effective lead shot Technology that bevels the inside of circumferential groove Chips off chips more easily than lead which keeps your gun clean. Technology that provides higher pellet density thanks to purer metal on alloy.. It has lower recoil than steel with identical weight Distribution of premium shot close patterns More hardness than steel with a similar weight More pure metal Material that contributes less to fouling than steelshot

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The new technology lead free bismuth alloy shot is loaded in the USA at Kents American facility. The bismuth shot performs almost identical to lead, both in pattern and density, yet is non-toxic. This 20 gauge ammo has a 2 3/4″ shell length and 1oz of

I bought a 12 ga. barrel for my old Ithica double. Only have 2 boxes left of original 3in 1 1/2 oz Kent 3″ 4 shot Bismuth so wanted to try some lighter 12ga loads. These do cycle fine in my Stoeger o/u. Very uniform, reliable, and clean burning. Nicely priced. Now if I could only find a cheap but decent over under to use them in ??


Kent Bismuth Ammunition is one of the first non-toxic shot options available on the market today. These shells are designed to provide superior breaking and penetration power. Independent testing has shown for the first time that a non-toxic alternative shell compares very favorably to lead and may be superior in some cases.

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Kent Bismuth shotshells is a great substitute for steel shot, and for those who are allergic to plated lead. With the same bismuth metal content as Tungsten Matrix, Kent Bismuth has high density and is extremely hard. This allows it to retain its shape better than other soft shot, thereby providing more dense patterns downrange.

Kent Bismuth Waterfowl Loads are excellent for use in waterfowl hunting situations where the use of toxic lead shot is prohibited. Bismuth has a shot to density ratio very similar to tungsten, and have found that it patterns just as well as tungsten in some guns. Once you get a chance to try these non-tox loads you will find out why they have become so popular.

Kent’s Bismuth Shotshells do the job of heavy lead loads, but they’re less toxic and safe to fire over a wider range of waterfowl hunting conditions. They are especially suited for small estuary wetlands and large rivers where high velocity steel loads are prohibited but lead is allowed. Kent also offers you the widest selection of nontoxic shot sizes available today, ranging from T to BB in 12 gauge and BBB through 4 in 20 gauge.

We believe that hunting is a privilege. It’s an opportunity most of us take for granted. Each year, more and more hunters hit the field throughout North America, yet very few will even make it in to fill their tags. Whether it’s due to lack of information or a simple lack of access, many hunters can’t bring home the game they go after each season. As a result, they come home empty-handed, feeling defeated and discouraged. It’s our mission to see that everyone comes home with a harvest moment before coming home empty-handed again.

Features and Benefits

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Ammo Sale: KENT BISMUTH 20 GAUGE 3″ 1 OZ

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Kent Bismuth Game and Target Loads feature non-toxic and environmentally friendly Bismuth Metal alloy. Bismuth is a great alternative to lead allowing the shooter to use their favorite old shotgun without having to modify it for use with non-toxic shot

Kent Bismuth has been formulated to provide the most effective non-toxic alternative for when shooting non-tox is mandatory. Quality hard buffered bismuth shot loaded in Kent’s Ultimate Diamond Shotshell.

DESCRIPTION Our Bismuth shotshells are made with the finest components available. They feature a Bismuth shot charge, with a proprietary hardening process that eliminates pellet deformation common in other brands. The result is a non-toxic shell with performance equal to or exceeding steel loads with lead or “green” alternative projectiles. Produced in 20ga (1oz), 12ga (1450fps) and 12ga (1650).

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BISMUTH PREMIUM SHOTS Hellshot has been the leader in bismuth technology, and they are the choice of waterfowl hunters nationwide. Shellshot Bismuth Premium Shotshells feature a remarkable 95% bismuth content, the highest in the industry. The patented plating process allows for tight pellet sizes and provides superior patterning power and performance. Multi-purpose load for waterfowl and upland game. Made in USA Loaded in Mexico.

LEAD FREE SHOTSNo matter what game you are hunting, it is important to always be accuracy conscious while choosing your shotshell ammunition. While some states have restrictions on the use of lead based ammunition, many hunters have voluntarily decided to make the switch to a bismuth based shot shell like Shellshot. Shellshot Non Toxic Shot shells are not only a safer approach towards safe hunting but also one that benefits both the hunter and the environment that we all love to enjoy with our friends and families during hunting season

This 20 gauge load features a 1 ounce payload of

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Kent Bismuth 20 Gauge Magnum Shotshells 3″ 1oz 4 Shot – CASE – B203W284C

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The Kent Bismuth 20 gauge shotgun shell, is the ultimate non-toxic solution in your 20 gauge shotgun. Designed specifically for upland birds and waterfowl, it offers a hard shot that performs exceptionally well in both lead and steel chambered firearms. The 1oz payload of size

Kent Bismuth Waterfowl 20 Gauge Shotgun Shells – Kent Bismuth is the only nontoxic shot that performs as well as tungsten in a variety of shotguns. Suitable for all hunting applications, especially waterfowl, upland game and turkey.

Kent Bismuth 20 Gauge, 7/8 Ounce,

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KENT’s Bismuth line of cartridges gives you the knockdown power and efficiency you need. Each shell is filled with

Model: KENTBismuth Shot Size:

Bismuth provides better fragmentation and knockdown than steel and less pellet deformation when shooting long-range, yet is soft enough to deliver tight patterns at regular ranges. Bismuth performs similarly to lead in close-range situations and down-range with a more consistent pattern.

Shotgun ammunition has come a long way since its early beginnings with slugs and 00 buckshot, and today’s market offers custom, purpose-built shells for almost any conceivable use. However, those specialized loads can be pricey, so many shooters are looking for reduce-recoil alternatives to achieve the same results.

NEW Kent Bismuth is a great alternative to lead.


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