Federal Small Rifle AR #GM205MAR Gold Medal Match Primers | 1,000 Count


Federal Small Rifle AR #GM205MAR Gold Medal Match Primers | 1,000 Count



buy Federal Small Rifle AR #GM205MAR Gold Medal Match Primer online

Federal Small Rifle AR #GM205MAR Gold Medal Match Primer that make Gold Medal cartridges the choice of match shooters and hunters everywhere. Federal Gold Medal Primers are manufactured to exacting tolerances and use Federal’s exclusive basic lead styphnate priming mix of optimum primer ignition.

Federal AR GM205M Match Primers are designed specifically for high-volume reloading and competition use. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hobbyist, the new Federal Gold Medal Match primers deliver precision ignition to maximize accuracy at an unbeatable price. Winchester 209 primers were specifically designed for use only in muzzleloaders, but they also work well in shotguns, rifles and some pistols. Fiocchi primers are manufactured with very high quality standards, these primers ignite cleanly and consistently and are ideal for precision shooting.

Primers Small Rifle AR Match No. 205M Size: 0.210-inch Primer Style: Small rifle bench rest Cups are thin for a heated charge and cup is sealed to prevent flash leakage. Flash hole uniformity enhances the ability of flame to reach all powder granulations at the same time and create efficient combustion. Performance is maximized by matching Federal primers with Federal ball powders, which were designed by engineers who understand how the ignition characteristics of primers must work with the burn rate of powder. This insures consistency and reliability round after round. Package of 1,000

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GM205M Gold Medal Match primers are more sensitive than conventional primers for match-grade accuracy.

Federal Primers, Federal Small Rifle Bench Rest (BR4) Primers in 1000ct sleeves. The Federal BR4 is a ‘Small Rifle’ Benchrest primer. They are ideal for use in benchrest competition and all target shooting applications. Federal Primers are very popular for accuracy and consistent ignition. They have a low magnesium-sulfur content and a consistent internal ballistics.

Gold Medal® Match is the most consistent, best performing match primer you can buy. For the most precise, accurate shooting you need a properly weighted and balanced primer that consistently performs at all propellant charge weights. That’s what you get with a true match primer such as Federal’s acclaimed Gold Medal match primers

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Premier AR Compatible Gold Medal Match 209A Magnum Small Pistol Primers. Magnetic sensitive box is also more water repellent for better in the field storage.

Your target rifle has never performed better. Gold Medal® primers are the choice of top competitive shooters, and they’re sure to help you squeeze every bit of accuracy out of your rifle or pistol.

Remington’s CCI-made primers are highly evolved products because they continuously test and improve. DVC STOCK III 9MM competition handgun uses proprietary geometry that provides reliable ignition with a wide variety of powder types, burned rates and loads…and remains sensitive enough for lighter practice loads.


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