HEVISHOT HEVI X 28 GA 2.75″ 5/8 OZ #4 CASE


HEVISHOT HEVI X 28 GA 2.75″ 5/8 OZ #4 CASE

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HEVI-Shot® is known world-wide for manufacturing the highest quality waterfowl, turkey and upland game shotshells available. Now, HEVI-Shot extends this outstanding technology and performance to the world of small game, upland birds and varmints.

Developed with a revolutionary and proprietary manufacturing process, HEVI-X™ is manufactured out of tungsten, iron and nickel – the same high performance materials found in other higher priced exotic non-toxic shotshells – with an exclusive additive that creates superior ballistic performance from a standard shotshell.


HEVI-X™ is the result of relentless design and manufacturing innovation. The load is optimized for overall performance with tungsten, steel, and other unique materials to create a lethal pellet stack pattern. HEVI-X™ retained up to 14% of its original pellet weight after penetrating 4 layers of 10 gauge mild steel. That’s nearly 40% more retained weight than traditional Hevi-Shot® so you can go in deeper after long shots.


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