Hevi-shot is expanding its line of shotgun ammunition with the hevi-metal longer range. Always featuring a top velocity, this new load has the most reliable pellet distribution over the longest distances available on the market

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HEVI-SHOT 38588C HEVI-METAL LONGER RANGE 12 GAUGE as fast as steel and has more energy at 40 yards. Hevi-X™ is a polymer/metallic alloy that has more energy at 50 yards than lead has at the muzzle. Hevi-13™ is one of the hardest shot types available and is designed to penetrate through tough skin and bones. 12 ga 3.5″ 1 1/2Oz BB,12 Gauge,Steel,Box

Hevi-shot is expanding its line of shotgun ammunition with the hevi-metal longer range. Always featuring a top velocity, this new load has the most reliable pellet distribution over the longest distances available on the market. Hevi-metal is made up of a blend of hevi-shot shot (71 percent) and 18 percent tungsten super shot (tss). The remaining 11 percent are specially formulated pellets to enhance long-range performance. Hevi-metal offers superior knockdown power all the way out to 70 yards.

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Hevi Metal shotshells are the ultimate choice for lethal mid range duck hunting. As the first steel shot ever to offer its own velocity advantage, Hevi Metal is the only steel shot that flies as far as lead increases kinetic energy by 40%, and packs a devastating pellet count in a 10 pellet payload. Hevi Metal is available in 10, 12 and 20 gauge in 2 3/4″ 1 5/8 oz. loads with 16% denser pattern performance than Hevi Steel.

HEVI-Metal is the next generation in a long line of high quality HEVI-Shot waterfowl and turkey loads. Designed to deliver maximum energy down range, it offers a muzzle velocity 200 fps faster than traditional steel with nearly twice the knockdown power. HEVI-Metal features proprietary buffering for consistent patterns and reduced shot deformation. Packed in 10-round boxes.

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HV shot is the most consistent high performance steel available. The Hevi-Shot pellet size is 5% denser than steel, so patterns remain uniform and tight. The non deforming pellets hit game hard and retain energy in flight.

Longer Ranges, Heavier Payloads, Higher Velocities, Harder Hits.

Load your shotgun in a serious way when you order Hevi-Shot 38588C HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz BB Shot shotshells from GrabAGun! These 20 gauge shotgun shells are built for the sole purpose of delivering tight and dependable patterning that kills game like never before, making them the perfect choice for your next hunting excursion. Perfect for bagging ducks, geese, and grouse, you simply can’t go wrong with these shotgun shells from Hevi-Shot.

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hevi-shot, hevi-metal longer range, 12 gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz bb, shot case, 25 rounds per box

Hevi-Metal 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1-1/2 oz Shot Long Range ITEM NO. 38588. Hevi-Metal is the ultimate long range magnum steel shot, delivering up to 35% higher velocities and 40% greater downrange energy than standard high-velocity loads. Hevi-Metal delivers the knockdown punch of a high velocity load with hard lead shot, combined with the density of a heavy burden tungsten/bismuth blend.

Hevi-Shot Hevi-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge ammunition gives shotgun hunters the best of both worlds. Hevi-Shot combines the knockdown power and downrange efficiency of tungsten with the stellar patterns and at-range performance of steel to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. The unique shot material structure of Hevi-Metal creates more lethal pellets for improved wound channels and more rapid lethality. Hevi-Metal Longer Range provides maximum downrange velocity, shot energy, and quicker game dropping power out to 80 yards

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If you love the consistent patterns of Hevi-Shot and shoot the longer ranges, then Hevi-Metal is for you. This blend of

Hevi-Metal loads feature 75% Hevi-Shot and 25% lead. This blend offers the best of both worlds – heavier payloads and denser patterns than any other steel shot load on the market.

Another plate-busting load from Hevi-Shot, the HEVI-Metal® is the world’s first high density steel shot. The result: 20% more pellets on target than competing shells and 40% less felt recoil. At 1,550 fps this shell delivers 25% more energy as well! Loaded in a range of shot sizes for all types of game, this results in more birds in your bag and less time spent cleaning them after.

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This all-lead high performance Hevi-Shot gives turkey hunters the range and penetration for cleaner kills. The Hevi-Metal shot has a high velocity (1600 fps) and aggressive knock down power to provide extra long range performance when hunting turkeys at longer ranges. Hevi-Metal loads also deliver improved accuracy, with nearly twice the speed of other non-toxic shotshells on the market.

HEVI-Metal brings the pattern density of Hevi-Shot, with a larger pellet for increased knockdown power, excellent for late season birds. Loaded with a blend of Hevi-Shot and steel pellets, HEVI-Metal has the high power velocity of steel combined with the downrange energy and lethal penetration of Hevi-Shot. Made in USA

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Hevi-Metal’s technology and performance give you greater lead output, a more uniform pellet pattern, and more knock down power than standard steel. Hevi-Metal is worlds ahead of steel shot, yet it’s an economical alternative to tungsten. Hevi-Metal is the better choice for long ranges and increased payloads.

In Short-Range waterfowl situations, HEVI-Metal adds a long list of advantages over traditional high-velocity steel shotshell loads. From pattern density to shot-string length to downrange energy, HEVI-Metal kills faster and further. Even more so, because it’s 100% non-toxic, you can take more shots in the field than a lead load while still remaining compliant with the USFWS lead ban.


Description: Hevi-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge 3.5″ 1 1/2 oz BB Shot

Hevi-Metal Longer Range brings you Hevi-Shot’s competitive edge on even the longest shots. This premium waterfowl load puts more Hevi-Metal pellets in the kill zone than any other steel or lead loads on the market.

HEVI-Metal Longer RangeTM ammunition is specifically engineered for extended range, high performance and unsurpassed reliability. The high-performance, higher-density payload won’t goose your gas bill since it travels farther per ounce. This saves you money because your shot string hangs together longer for improved accuracy. And the revolutionary, two-piece wad dramatically reduces felt recoil as well.

HEVI-Shot® Hevi-Metal® 3.5″ 20 Round Box

HEVI-Metal is the ultimate choice for high-velocity, long-range waterfowling. This premium ammo achieves the ideal combination of lead, steel and Hevi-Shot pellets to deliver a pellet count comparable to standard 2.75″ 12-gauge loads. Prepare for every condition with HEVI-Metal waterfowl shotshell ammunition

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HEVI-Metal Long Range offers devastating downrange performance from both HEVI-Shot’s patented TSS pellet and classic lead shot. The TSS pellets can reach an amazing 250 yards farther than standard lead shot, while the high density patterning is enhanced by matching densities of the lead and TSS pellets. This unique design maximizes impact on target

Now Hevi-Metal takes you even farther with a specially engineered combination of metal shot, heavier than steel but softer than Hevi-Shot for maximum velocity and long-range patterns.

HEVI-Metal is the first premium steel shotshells for use in any steel-approved shotgun. With HEVI-Shot’s HEVI-Metal offering a 1

Hevi-Metal is a high density steel and bismuth combination that produces patterns up to 20% denser than conventional lead. Hevi-Metal’s non toxic formula gives shooters maximum performance with all waterfowl shotguns for long range shots without the fear of losing performance like other non-toxic load. Combine that with the benefit of a 15% savings and you’ll see why this is Uncle Sam’s choice for hunting waterfowl at military installations.


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