Hevi-Shot Hevi-Metal Longer Range, 12 Gauge, 3″, 1-1/4 oz, 1575 fps, BB Shot, 5 Round BoxTinkerers and engineers never stop experimenting to put better shotshells and waterfowl loads in hunters’ hands.




HEVI-SHOT 38088C HEVI-METAL LONGER RANGE 12 GAUGE, 5 Round BoxTinkerers and engineers never stop experimenting to put better shotshells and waterfowl loads in hunters’ hands. Hevi-Shot’s fanatical game keepers are no different. They combined high performance steel shot with our consistent Hevi-Shot pellets and created a new waterfowl beast – Hevi-Metal. Hevi-Metal features an advanced cartridge design that provides the most consistent patterns available and delivers more uniform shot columns and denser patterns to the target.

HEVI-Metal is simply the hardest hitting, deadliest waterfowl shotgun shell you can use. The longer range and density of the hardened tungsten alloy shot yields 70% more knockdown power than lead shot of the same size and pattern density. HEVI-Shot uses their patented shot process to give you choke-busting patterns and more on target pellets through light geese, mallards, teal, widgeon and gadwall. Plus, HEVI-Metal shells have a much higher velocity than steel does thanks to its lower weight. All these features make for an easy decision when choosing waterfowl load.

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The new HEVI-Metal from HEVI-Shot is designed for waterfowlers who demand maximum distances and densest patterns. Its new buffered 12-gauge shot charge combines with Hevi Metal’s specially blended steel shot and FliteControl wad to create a premium load for crushing longer shots on geese.

HEVI-Metal loads are the ideal choice for shooters who realize that shot shells loaded with lead alone no longer fill their needs in terms of extended range, consistent patterns, and superior knockdown power.

The HEVI-Metal through a High Performance Patterning System that enhances downrange performance. Hevi-Metal 3″” shells yield a move payload of 1-1/4 ounce of premium

HEVI-Shot® HEVI-Metal 12 Ga. Long Range Steel. Metal! Break your limits with the first non-toxic, lead-free, steel high speed shotshells designed for waterfowl hunting—and get more out of your hunt!

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Ideal for waterfowl and turkey hunters who need a specialized ammunition that reaches out further and drops birds like nothing else. At a great value, it features Hevi-Shot’s dependable patterns and maximum penetration from high velocity loads, made from a blend of premium metals designed to look just like steel shot to game, but eliminates the risk of crippling loss.

HEVI-Metal offers a 2% increase in pellet energy over standard steel shotshells. The result is more birds in your bag—and less gas spent getting there and back.

HEVI-Shot was developed in order to give hunters the ability to shoot accurately as far as they can see with a shotgun. The result is longer, consistent ranges, tighter shot patterns and increased knockdown power for an effective payload hitting game birds with the force of a freight train! Best yet, the HEVI-Shot shell is the only ammunition that gives you both the reach of steel at one end and double lethal range at the other. It’s everything on waterfowl that you want and more.

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Designed for short and long-range waterfowl, HEVI-Metal is a hybrid of HEVI-Shot and steel designed to produce denser patterns downrange. With its devastating power and speed, it outperforms standard lead loads while providing both excellent knockdown energy with less lethal pellets on the ground.

The Hevi-Metal 12 Gauge 3 inch 1 1/4 oz BB Shot offers the non-toxic solution for all waterfowl hunting. Loaded with larger shot, you get the long range performance of steel and the higher pellet counts of lead with a non-toxic load that you can trust.

Details Brand: HEVI-SHOT Category: Shotgun Ammo Caliber: 12 Gauge 3″ Bullet Type: Steel Muzzle Velocity: 1550 FPS Rounds Per Box: 25 Boxes Per Case: 8 Product Code: 38088C Weight/Case(LBS): 28.8 UPC: 81638380881

HEVI-SHOT Hevi-Metal 12 Gauge Ammo 3″ 1-1/4 Ounce

Hevi-Metal, an extension of Hevi-Shot’s non-toxic line, takes the saying “practice like you play and play like you practice” to a whole new level. Designed specifically for use on clay targets and birds, Hevi-Metal provides the feel and performacnce of traditional lead shot while delivering superior patterns, increased range and reduced felt recoil.

The HEVI-Metal line continues the innovation and performance in steel shot that hunters have come to expect from Hevi-Shot. A breakthrough in steel shot manufacturing technology, this new process produces more uniform pellets than has ever been possible before, resulting in higher pellet velocities out towards the edges of the pattern. A more consistent pattern means better shot-to-shot down range accuracy.

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The World’s Fastest Payday with HEVI-Metal® LONGER RANGE.The World’s Fastest Payday™ with HEVI-Metal® – This payload of

Hevi-Metal is a high performance black steel payload. Hevi-Metal is designed to parallel the performance of Hevi-Shot without the high premium price. This payload contains HEVI-Metal pellets that yield improved downrange ballistics and tight shot patterns. Recommended for dove, teal and waterfowl in general out to extended ranges.

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What do you need to hunt waterfowl like a pro? A full arsenal of goose and duck loads designed to kill birds dead—and that’s what you get with Hevi-Shot. It’s more potent than standard steel, yet stays within the 3-inch maximum magazine length. And it kills more birds farther away than most other heavy payload shells.

Contains more FAS-SHOK HEVI-SHOT than any other waterfowl load. With so much HEVI-SHOT, these loads are extremely effective on small and large game.

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Product DescriptionHEVI-SHOT HEVI-METAL LONGER RANGE 12 GAUGE 3″ 1 1/4 OZ BB SHOT – CASE The name says it all. HEVI-Metal has been a longtime staple for turkey hunters looking for a big punch out to 60 yards. The nickel-plated steel shot and Flitecontrol wad will deliver deadly performance for hunting waterfowl or upland birds.

HEVI-METAL Longer Range Shotshells are designed for shotgun hunters who want more punch when shooting at longer ranges. Featuring a blend of high-quality steel and tungsten-alloy pellets, HEVI-Metal pellets deliver the same terminal ballistics as high-cost tungsten-alloy ammunition. It allows hunters to traverse dense or heavy cover while delivering a consistent pattern that puts more birds in the bag than any other steel shotshell.

HEVI-Shot Hevi Metal Longer Range Line Of Ammunition Is Loaded With

Hosedown the competition with a powerful performance upgrade. Hevi-Shot’s Hevi-Metal 12 Gauge shotshells combine the knockdown power of steel shot with the flared base and interior cushion layer of tungsten to enhance pattern density. These shells deliver improved impact up to 60% farther than standard steel loads.The Bigger Carry-On suitcase is lightweight and sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, or pop easily onto a train or into a car. Perfect for longer trips, its interior compression system and hidden laundry bag make it easy to pack all of your essentials. With a durable polycarbonate hard shell, and 360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride, this suitcase is built to last.

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The Hevi-Metal 12 ga. 3 in delivers increased range and is loaded with high antimony, steel shot that pattern like lead, yet retain the knockdown power of steel.

Product Description High-density shot for unmatched long-range power and penetration. More pellets in your pattern means more birds in your bag. Exceptional patterns and tremendous knockdown power! What’s the secret? It’s tungsten matrix, the high-density shot that’s even heavier than lead. Hevi-Shot’s patented process gives you denser, more uniform pellets for the ultimate combination of pattern density and range.

This all-new shot technology, paired with a Diamond Shot enameled and hardened shot cup, gives the longest range, most consistent patterns, lethal on game and the tightest, most accurate downrange shot clusters of any steel shotshell on the market today!

This innovative blend of steel and HEVI-Shot(R) pellets brings down birds that were once out of range for metallic shotgunners.

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HEVI-Metal features a unique pattern of buffered tungsten pellets that provide unsurpassed down-range performance for waterfowlers. This combined with nickel plated shot also provides superior clays-busting results. HEVI-Metal is downrange lethal!

Get your ammo from the experts at HEVI-Shot. These shotshells are designed for waterfowl or small game hunting.

Hevi-Metal Makes the Difference


38088C HEVI-METAL LONGER RANGE 12 GAUGE 3″ 1 1/4 OZ BB SHOT – CASE 2000 ROUNDS PER CASE – SOLD AS EACH This long range, high density load of Hevi-Metal is the perfect choice when the target is on the horizon. Hevi-Metal uses a blend of tungsten and steel shot to achieve pellet counts that are double that of standard Hevi-Shot.

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HEVI-METAL LONGER RANGE 12 GAUGE 3″ 1 1/4 OZ BB SHOT – CASE ( 4 boxes 250 shotshells / case )Hevi-Metal, the best engineered and most efficient steel shot shells on the market. Hevi-Metal is the perfect blend of Hevi-Shot® and steel. It provides a 35% higher pellet count than lead, is cleaner and consistent shot after shot!

The HEVI-SHOT HEVI-Metal Longer Range Waterfowl Shotshells. Extend your range, up your target density and make more birds fall with the waterfowl loads from Hevi-Shot. Designed specifically for shorter, faster barrels, Hevi-Metal is loaded with a blend of tungsten Hevi-Shot along with tungsten iron pellets that produce higher velocities and maintain super-tight shot patterns with increased down range energy. The result? High lethal energy payloads that help you reach farther and kill birds before they have time to flinch.

HEVI-Shot is excited to release the Hevi-Metal Range and Field loads. These loads feature buffered pellets and the Hevi-Shot base wad technology for more efficient patterns, more terminal energy on target, longer shot strings and less felt recoil.The Hevi-Metal Range & Field offering consists of three different No. 4 pellet, 1 1/4oz 12ga loads that are ideal for both trap and upland game hunting. The Long Range load contains a pellet count of 607 pellets as well as a blended payload of Hevi-Metal pellets to produce fast dense patterns with greater knockdown power at extended ranges.

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HEVI-SHOT HEVI-Metal shotshells is the high performance shotshell designed specifically for avid hunters and shooters. These shells deliver maximum downrange energy and pattern density, resulting in higher lethality and greater knockdown power at longer ranges. The key to this level of performance is HEVI-Shot’s proprietary blend of alloys used to produce its deadly HEVI-Metal shot.


Reliable, consistent hunting performance. That is what you get when you chose a Hevi-Metal ammunition product. This Hevi-Metal 12 Gauge ammunition provides lethal range and increased pattern density with improved penetration through the entire spectrum of North American waterfowl conditions.

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HEVI-Metal is the High Performance non-toxic 12 gauge line for serious wingshooters. Loaded with premium shot sizes that are proven to bring down more birds, HEVI-Metal delivers tremendous downrange pellet energy that offers greater penetration and shock at longer distances. Its blend of HEVI-Shot and new tungsten matrix speeds game dropping patterns to the next level. The tungsten matrix pellets offer similar density and pellet count over steel while achieving the same knockdown power as Hevi-13 at 30% lower cost.

HEVI-METAL combines HEAVYWEIGHT tungsten-alloy and nickel-plated lead pellets to deliver 50% greater energy than steel in a pellet that is 66% lighter. The result is a shell that flies farther, penetrates deeper, and delivers more knockdown power than any other comparable pellet. Whether you’re hunting with HEVI-METAL Long Range or Trap and Skeet, expect devastating impact and lethal penetration

HEVI-Shot is now bringing its one-and-only technology to the waterfowl world. Between it’s plate-shaped pellets and FLITECONTROL Wad with rearward facing flaps, you can be sure to take down more birds this season with HEVI-Metal ammunition.

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