Winchester® large and small rifle primers are designed and assembled to precise standards in one of the world’s most modern ammunition factories. Their uniform shape and precise fit provide consistent ignition, greater accuracy, higher velocity, more consistent pressure curve and longer barrel life. Winchester Primers – at cheap prices. Order Winchester Primers today and take advantage of our low pricing on all Winchester Ammunition products. 

Winchester Rifle Primers 

Winchester Large Rifle Primers are dependable, high-performance primers, for use in any weather. They are non-corrosive, and even work well in wet conditions. These primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition.

Remington Primers

REMINGTON Small Rifle Primers 749-011-305MB are fast and dependable, with low flash and clean burning priming mixture for consistent ignition to help you get the job done right. REMINGTON Small Rifle Primers 749-011-306MB deliver consistent flash and performance, with a clean burn rate and small size that help prevent jamming in high-capacity magazines or short shotgun cases.

Remington Primers are specifically designed and carefully handmade to give consistent high quality performance. Because they are manufactured with high precision, they offer you satisfaction every time you load a cartridge with Remington primers. The small rifle primer is commonly used for smaller caliber centerfire cartridges (20 caliber and smaller) and has a 38-40 conventional large rifle primer and uses the 30 caliber cup style anvil. The Small Rifle  are typically used in the following calibers: 17, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33.

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Primers For Sale

CCI Primers

CCI standard primers have a flake-type design, which are easy to seat. They are ideal for the reloader wanting an improved, more efficient way to assert priming control over his or her reloading process. For the reloader who wants an American standard that is not loaded to the max, this primer is a great choice.

Federal Centerfire Primers

Federal® Centerfire Primers are the only primers specially formulated for the demands of centerfire handgun and shotshell applications. These primers produce consistent, controlled ignitions so you can rest assured that your shells will go “bang” when you want them to.

Federal primers are the most dependable on the market and are manufactured from the highest quality materials. These primers have a large magnum pistol match shell with a large pistol primer pocket. They will increase the ignition sensitivity and consistency of your hand gun.

IMR Smokeless Powder – Rifle

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Are you a reloader? If so, you have come to the right place. The IMR mission is to provide premier high grade ammunition reloading products. From small batches to commercial production our vision is to be your source for reloading components, presses and accessories.

Winchester Smokeless Ball Powder

Winchester WinClean 244 is a ball powder developed specifically for medium handgun loads. It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. The patented indicator eliminates guesswork in measuring charges, and the ultra-clean burning propellant stays cleaner and produces low chamber residue for fast, easy cleaning.

Large rifle primers

Large rifle primers are the largest variety of reloading primers available. They’re used in single shot and bolt action rifles and other larger firearms. Here at Diamond Valley ammunition, we have flat large rifle primers, CCI large rifle primers, Winchester large rifle primers and Remington large rifle primers available for sale. 

Whether it’s CCI, Remington, or Winchester, we’ve got the primers you want in bulk. No matter your skill level, we have all of the reloading rifle primers that you could possibly need. Order today and be prepared for the next project.

Small rifle primers

At American Primers – we provide the only small rifle primers on the web. We offer an extensive selection of reloading primer brands, such as CCI or Remington and much more. Find top-of-the-line brands at affordable prices and ship out at lightning speeds. We assure you that every primer is accurate.

Reloading primers from CCI, Remington or Winchester brands are offered in .17 through .50 caliber sizes.  Every order of large rifle primers is shipped directly from—with no third-party intermediaries involved—for the best shooting experience. We’ve got reloaders covered for knowledge, service and satisfaction! .

small pistol primer

Looking for small pistol primers? Look no further. At Sportsman’s Guide, we offer a variety of different small pistol primers by brands such as Winchester. These shells are made up of military spec 5.56mm NATO-spec primers that can be used for small arms, such as pistols or 10/22 rifles, manufactured before 1968. When you purchase from the hunting experts at SG, you receive incredible selection, low prices and fast shipping.

large pistol primer

Large pistol primers are great for big bangs from big game rifles. Order 1, order 10,000, or order all of them at once – it’s up to you! Save time and money by ordering online now. We carry a large assortment of primers including CCI, CCI Magnum Pistol and Rifle, Cunningham Large Rifle, Winchester Large Rifle and Small Rifle, Federal Large Rifle and Small Rifle Standard and Magnum.

Primers For Sale

Buy our popular pistol, rifle primers at low prices and receive free shipping on all orders over $50. We carry primers by the 4 major manufacturers in the usa: CCI, Federal, Winchester, and Remington. Place your order today for quick delivery to your door. We sell primers for any pistol, rifle and/or shotgun application. You can buy primers of each different type from all four of the major manufacturers that we carry. We do this for a couple reasons. 1) Variety is the spice of life; and 2) sometimes you want a certain type, but it may not be available from the manufacturer that you prefer.


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