Alliant Powder Smokeless Powders are the best and most popular in America. American Primers Llc offers you to buy this gunpowder online. Alliant Powder continues a long and proud tradition of producing America’s best and most popular smokeless powders. Today’s Alliant Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application.

Alliant Powder Smokeless Powders are America’s best and most popular smokeless powders available. Alliant Powder continues a long and proud tradition of producing only the finest quality smokeless powders for hunters and shooters. We offer a large selection of top-quality, clean-burning powder for every type of shooting application. Alliant also backs every one of our products with technical experts to answer all your reloading questions in our toll-free customer service line.

Alliant’s Unique Unique Gun Powder

Reloading is a complex craft that’s intimidating to many shooters, but the pay-off is huge; finely tuned ammunition that fits your exact needs. Alliant Powder Smokeless Powder has been providing reloaders with quality smokeless powders since 1903. Alliant Powder has grown from four employees to approximately 500. Smokeless powders are available in containers ranging from one-pound cans, eight pounds kegs, and fifty-five-pound drums. Alliant Powder produces over forty different types of smokeless powders for reloading. This enables the handloader to select the best powder for their particular need or application.

With a powder-like Alliant’s Unique, there are simply too many reloading applications to fully track. With its huge range of loadings and burning speeds, you’ll find Unique being used for target shooting, Cowboy Action, and all-purpose hunting. You’ll find it in shotshells, handgun cartridges, even the new AR series rifles-anywhere you need a powder that offers consistent performance in a wide variety of applications. Alliant Smokeless Powder is manufactured and sold by ATK Sporting Group’s Ammunition Group. It was formerly manufactured by Hercules, Inc. Alliant Powder distributes smokeless powder which is suitable for reloading gunshots, pistol, and rifle cartridges, and shotgun shells (shotshells) as well as black powder substitutes used in muzzleloading firearms.

Winchester Rifle Primers

Winchester® primers are used with our own propellant to give a unique ignition characteristic. We produce seven different primers to meet the needs of all reloaders—from the high volume target shooters to the competitive and discipline shooters. Modern, non-corrosive, non-mercuric, Winchester® Rifle Primers are the best choice for most reloading needs. powder coating gun for sale

Whether you’re a new or seasoned reloader, there’s a Winchester Primer to fulfill your needs. For every shotshell, rifle, and handgun cartridge out there, we offer a primer that will do its job perfectly. Reloaders looking to replace worn rifle primers that have been struck many times can look to Winchester rifle primers. Designed for those that reload shotshell, handgun, and rifle cartridges, these primers are some of the most reliable in the industry.”

Winchester primers offer you the highest quality available on the current market. Winchester holds their primers to strict manufacturing standards, so you know every time you pick up a box of Winchester® primers you’re getting reliable ignition for more consistent shooting and higher scores. The highest standard for consistency, these primers provide reliable ignition for every type of powder and load. All Winchester® primers are made at the same manufacturing facility in Lowell, Massachusetts to guarantee quality, uniformity, and dependability.

CCI® Primers

CCI® primers offer the reloader clean, reliable ignition. We know that most of the time spent loading ammo is spent waiting for the primer to dry. That’s why CCI® primers have always incorporated moisture-resistant and non-corrosive primer compounds. A larger sweet spot means more reliable ignition in guns that produce off-center hits. Our primers offer reloaders in all regions the cleanest, most reliable ignition. The larger sweet spot means more reliable ignition in guns that produce off-center hits. Check out our centerfire primers, too. large rifle primers, small rifle primers, CCI 41 primers,

CCI® primers have a larger sweet spot, which makes them more forgiving of off-center strikes in rifles and pistols. The result is fewer misfires, and your gun will be ready for the next shot faster. CCI® is known in the shooting sports industry for having reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time and time again. CCI primers and brass provide the reloader with the products needed to do a job well done. CCI primers are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. CCI standard primers are remarkably clean-burning, leaving primer pockets cleaner and extending the time between pocket cleaning. That’s a huge benefit for progressive reloaders. They are more sensitive and easier to seat than older CCI primers and engineered for smooth feeding in automated equipment.

How to store your Gunpowder?

Gunpowder must be stored and handled in a cool, dry place. Be sure the storage area selected is free from any possible sources of excess heat and is isolated from anything that could cause sparks or cause friction that would ignite the powder. Store gunpowder in its original container or one with a screw-on lid, in a cool and dry place. Ammunition should be stored away from any possible sources of heat, excess vibrations, and other products that could potentially cause it to degrade. Remember that the storage life of powder is not indefinite; always check the manufacture date stamped on the can.

Gunpowder is deeply sensitive to moisture. If it becomes wet it can become unstable and can be dangerous to store and to use. If there is a presence of moisture in gunpowder, we would recommend not using the powder. In order to avoid moisture contamination, store your gunpowder in an area that is away from excess heat and moisture sources like water heaters or washing machines. Additionally, you can use the desiccant packs included with your purchase of new powder to help keep the powder dry.

Accurate® Smokeless Powder

Accurate Powders are known throughout the world for their ability to deliver consistent, reliable results, no matter what cartridge or load you choose. We offer a complete line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. With their high bulk density, Accurate powders can be loaded in a wide variety of cartridges and produce higher velocities in magnum calibers.

Accurate Powder really lives up to its name. Whether you are reloading for a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, this versatile powder can handle it all. It is extremely popular with high power and long-range shooters, thanks to its superb lot-to-lot consistency, but this outstanding powder also works extremely well in low-velocity loads too.

Know the types of powder for loading

Single-base smokeless powder and double-base smokeless powder are the two basic types of modern smokeless gunpowder. Single-base smokeless powder, which is made from nitrocellulose, is used for loading shotgun shells, pistol and rifle cartridges that propel soft point bullets. Double-base smokeless powder is a combination of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin.

The types of powder are single-base smokeless and double-base smokeless. The two basic types of modern smokeless powder are single base and double bass. Single-base powders contain nitrocellulose and generally have a burn rate that is much slower than double-base powders. Choosing the right smokeless powder for your rifle reloads can be a daunting task. There are double base and single base powders, and then nitroglycerin-based powders are commonly used with nitrocellulose-based powders.

Remington primers

The Remington primer contains a number of subcomponents that are assembled to extremely tight tolerances. The priming mixture is precisely calibrated to ensure consistent ignition with each shot. Remington shotshell primers are used in a number of Remington shotshell reloading applications. Primers are assembled to extremely tight tolerances with each other and the anvil.

To ensure years of dependable performance, Remington primers are carefully engineered, rigorously tested, and continually evaluated to identify any potential enhancements. The result is a primer that delivers reliable ignition with all rifle powders, including ball, spherical, and magnum rifle powders.

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Ramshot Smokeless Powder

Ramshot Smokeless Powder offers a full range of powders that consistently meet the high standards of all shooting enthusiasts – from the serious competition marksman to the recreational shooter. This powder is clean burning and consistent and has a shelf life of about 15-20 years.

Ramshot Smokeless Powder is your go-to propellant if you’re into high-performance cartridges. This perfect blend of consistency and cleanliness offers progressive power that provides an excellent reloading experience. Designed for competitive shooters, all Ramshot powders offer a wide variety of benefits, including superb measures that give the accurate loads shooters need.

Our smokeless powders are incredibly stable, clean-burning, and loaded with cutting-edge technology. The world’s most serious shooters choose them to win matches, gold medals, and set world records. Each is formulated to meet specific shooting disciplines and offer the best performance in their class.

Where can I find reloading powder?

Handloads, or reloads, are becoming popular for hunting and target shooting. Reloading your own rifle ammo gives you ultimate precision and control of your ammunition rounds. Shop rifle powder at SCHEELS, featuring brands like Hodgdon, IMR, Alliant, and more. With our low-price guarantee, you can find the right product to stock up on.

Shop SCHEELS’ selection of reloading powders and primers, including IMR powder and Hodgdon powder. Reloading powder is one of the most important components of your bullets; it helps your cartridges fire properly by creating pressure in the chamber when it is ignited. SCHEELS carries reloading powders from top brands like Alliant, Hodgdon, and IMR Powder.

Winchester® Smokeless Ball Powder

Winchester 572 is a ball powder strategically designed to optimize a myriad of shotshell and handgun loads. It minimizes recoil, provides clean-burning, and delivers consistent charge-to-charge accuracy for superb performance in the field or on the range. Winchester Powder 572 features industry-leading flow characteristics making this powder an excellent choice for shotshell and handgun applications. Great for heavy field loads, including magnum field loads. Specially designed to optimize barrel pressures, velocities, clean-burning, and lot-to-lot consistency.

Ideal for reloading popular handgun and shotshell cartridges, Winchester 572 boasts superior flowability to ensure metering accuracy – releasing exact charge weights with ease – the hallmark of a ball powder. As with all smokeless powders, proper storage and handling is of paramount importance for a safe, enjoyable reloading experience.

Our Top 5 Best Reloading Scale Reviews 2022

The best reloading scale for you depends on what you’re loading and in what volume. The accuracy of the weight reading is also vital for safety. We’ve researched all the relevant factors, including the ease of use, accuracy, and capacity of these scales.

A high-precision, Digital reloading scale is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the reloading process. A reloading scale can not only save you time but also a lot of money when you start to reload your own ammunition. To help you save a lot of that precious time, we rounded up the 5 best reloading scales for the money today and compared them for a better understanding of what makes each different.

Alliant Powder AR-Comp Powder

Alliant’s new AR-Comp is the ideal powder for fast action, high volume AR shooters as well as those who enjoy shooting traditional rifles. With moderate charges and a wide array of bullet styles. AR-Comp Burns is clean and consistent while offering unprecedented temperature stability. Out of the widest temperature variation that you can imagine, AR-Comp will deliver top velocities and superb accuracy at extreme temperatures from -20°F to 140°F.

Alliant specifically designed AR-Comp for target shooters, varmint hunters, and 3-Gun competitors who want clean-burning, low flash, accurately metered powder. AR-Comp is formulated to minimize muzzle flash yet maintain consistent pressures in cartridges such as the .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. Unlike other powders, AR-Comp is capable of delivering exceptional performance with any bullet weight.

What to look before buying Powder Scales for Reloading

In order to get into the great pastime of reloading, you are going to need some of the more essential pieces of equipment. One of those often overlooked items is a good powder scale. We hope that this article will help you choose the best powder scale for your needs and give you some things to look for when reloading.

Whether you are looking for a new or used powder scale or powder measure, you’ll want to consider the capabilities and features that the equipment can provide. Powder scales have a rigid design. They have a maximum capacity—the expected amount in grams before it is full—and accuracy, typically in grains per 100 grains. These measurements offer meters that display the amount in grains with the accuracy required for most reloading operations.

Hodgdon® Smokeless Powder

Hodgdon® Smokeless Powder Hodgdon Powder started as a family business but quickly grew. While Hodgdon Powder is known for smokeless powders, it is also a popular choice for black powder cartridges and black powder substitutes. You can find it in a wide variety of handguns and rifle ammunition, including military surplus rounds.

Hodgdon Powder started as a family business but quickly grew. While Hodgdon Powder is known for smokeless powders, it is also a popular choice for black powder. Their innovative propellant company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities (thanks to grants from the state of Kansas) to ensure safety and quality while they produce top-quality gunpowder. With one of the largest ranges of different powders available, you can find the propellant that gives you the best performance possible when shooting your desired caliber.

IMR Smokeless Powder – Shotshell/Handgun

IMR powders have been the choice of top-level competitors and demanding reloaders for over 100 years. The unique design of these products allows easy metering, has a large operating window, is insensitive to hot/cold temperatures, and is virtually unaffected by moisture. Smokeless IMR powders are extremely popular as shotshell propellants for classic American shotshells such as the 12 gauge target load.

IMR, a Hodgdon Powder Company brand, has long been the leader in Single Base Smokeless Powders. The IMR series of powder is extremely popular with a handgun and muzzleloading rifle loaders. All IMR powders for reloading are double base in construction, containing both Nitrocellulose and Nitroglycerine.

Federal® Centerfire Primers

Federal Champion Centerfire Primers are the most reliable, consistent, and economical primers for your centerfire rifles, handguns, and shotshells. They achieve a uniform ignition time after time and are more sensitive, with fewer misfires than other leading brands. Federal Champion Centerfire Primers are economical primers made to tight quality standards but priced less than premium primers. They are best suited for target and range use and work with most firearm types.

Hodgdon H4350 For Sale

Hodgdon H4350 is one of the most popular propellants for big game hunting. One of the original Extreme powders, it is known for accuracy, cleanliness, and its ability to produce excellent velocities in cartridges like the 22-250 and 308 Winchester, 243 Winchester, and even the ultra-fast 300 Winchester Magnum.

Best rifle powder available. I saw a guy shoot 1.06-inch groups (eight shots) with two different rifles at 1,000 yards using H4350. For the first time in its history, the Hodgdon Extreme series of powder is now available to all reloaders! Extreme powders are all double-base, spherical-shaped, and contain

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