Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

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Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

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Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

These non-corrosive, all weather primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition. Winchester Primers are constantly and rigorously tested for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and conditions far beyond the range of normal usage. Winchester guarantees better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns, carefully-controlled weights of primer mixtures, consistency in size and quality, precise measurements and tolerances for anvil heights and stability in extremes of temperatures and humidity.

Small pistol magnum primers 9mm For Sale

Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count are designed for high-volume use. These primers produce reliable and consistent ignition time after time in nearly all firearm applications.

The Winchester  Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count have a heat-resistant metal primer cup that won’t expand when exposed to repeated firings. When you need reliable and versatile primers, the Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count will get the job done right every time!

Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers are everything you’ve come to expect from Winchester. This primer is manufactured to precise tolerances and strict quality control measures, you’ll be confident in your safety and success. Magnums produce hotter ignition which helps with the burn of the powder.


5 reviews for Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers | 1,000 Count

  1. Williams

    I have used Winchester primers for several years and have never had any problems with them.

  2. Elijah D

    This is an excellent product. Never misfires. Drop your powder level just a .2 and they will perform just like regular primers. Also they burn powder cleaner and faster. You can’t go wrong with Winchester.

  3. Brad P

    These are very good primers of the money, I have no problems loading these primers for my 9mm and my 40S&W. Fires after time – highly recommend.

  4. Williams

    I’ve used Winchester primers in my 7mm Rem Mag and my Grandfather’s .06 without any problems, always get consistent ignition. We load pretty hot charges without these backing out.

  5. Henry

    I use this for loading RWS 45ACP match brass that that uses small base primer for Higher Pressure loading in Striker fired pistols for Competition shooting. works great every time. Would recommend this if you ever decide to use this type of brass.

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