Hornady 25410 Bull .257 110 GMX 50


Hornady 25410 Bull .257 110 GMX 50

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Hornady Bullets are manufactured with the tightest tolerances and utmost quality control, guaranteeing optimal performance. You’ll get 90 grains of pure energy in a tight 25 caliber.

This product is an Excellent Target Round for Small Game and Varminting, it features Hornady’s GMX designs and bullets which help to increase impact performance.


Hornady bullets provide an advanced hollow-point tip that is designed to feed consistently, penetrate deep and expand reliably behind a low mass gas seal. This combination of features gives the GMX line of bullets the performance required for use in shotguns and hunting rifles.

Hornady offers a wide variety of bullet choices to help you achieve your desired results in the field. If you’re looking for the best in terminal performance, choose the Hornady GMX® varmint bullets. They utilize ultra-low drag tip technology along with a shorter bearing surface to produce flatter trajectories and increased accuracy. The FMJ bullet design is intended for serious varmint hunters who need dependable results when shots present themselves at long range.


Hornady Ballistic Silvertip rifle bullets with a polymer tip and hollow point design deliver match-quality accuracy, lethality and explosive expansion. The interlocking grooves provide rapid, yet controlled expansion and rotation at velocities ranging from 900 to 1200 fps. The front driving band provides high initial stability, while the streamlined secant ogive keeps the nose on target. These bullets are packaged in sets of 50 per box. The bullet diameter is .257″”.

The Hornady GMX is one of the most reliable and consistent match bullets in existence. It produces less drag than any other bullet on market, while having a very flat trajectory with consistently high velocities. The GMX bullet is a must have for anyone looking to shoot farther and more accurately within their caliber limitation.


Specially designed for hunting, many of the Hornady bullets for sale on Midway are available in multiple calibers and grain weights. Check out all of our projectiles today!

Consistent, match-grade accuracy in a varmint bullet. The 90 grain GMX offers excellent long range ballistics and is perfect for long-range varminting. An ideal choice for those who like to shoot long range with relative ease. Features a boattail design with a lead core and polymer tip. The GMX is an alternative to the A-Max that produces flatter trajectories with similar sectional densities and ballistic coefficients as the A-Max, but without the increased drag associated with an all copper bullet.

“25 Cal .257 90gr GMX /50 Description Hornady Bullets – Caliber: 25 (.257″”) – Grain: 90 – Bullet: GMX – 50 Bullets per box “
Caliber .257 WBY
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 25410
Model GMX Bullets
Type Bullets
UPC 090255254105


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