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The best online shop to buy FIOCCHI 38 SPECIAL 130 GR FMJ Online in usa

Cheap FIOCCHI 38 SPECIAL 130 GR FMJ buy online usa. Buy FIOCCHI #38 SPECIAL 130 GR FMJ at an unbelievable price from us. Save on shipping costs. Shop for more of your favorite products at the best online gun store in USA

Buy FIOCCHI #38 SPECIAL 130 GR FMJ online at best price in the USA. No promo code required. The Fiocchi .38 Special is a 130 gr FMJ with a muzzle velocity of 830 fps. The Fiocchi Extrema XTP offers incredible expansion and penetration that allows it to work through heavy clothing, bone, and dense tissue. We have a shop for fiocchi primers australia

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Caliber: 38 Special Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Bullet Weight: 130 gr Muzzle Energy: 188 ft. lbs Muzzle Velocity: 875 f.p.s Reloadable Brass Case Boxer Primed 20 Rounds, Fiocchi Exacta ammunition was designed for shooters looking for the utmost in accuracy and consistency. Customers like the reliable performance, but there are a few that didn’t care for the price.

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3 reviews for FIOCCHI 38 SPECIAL 130 GR FMJ

  1. Cillian T

    Shot a box of these at the range using a Ruger LCR, so my experience with them is limited. But the price was right and I have had good success with other Fiocchi ammunition. I was not disappointed. All rounds fired without issues. Accuracy was very acceptable for concealed carry type distances. And, I was pleasantly surprised that the gun was not overly dirty when I finished. All in all, I found the rounds to be a good value and I would buy them again.

  2. Elio

    Shoots well and a good price

  3. Williams

    Shoots well in all my .38s. Great practice round. Very accurate an not overly dirty. As good as Remington. Better than WWB. I will purchase more when available.

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