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Best place to buy FIOCCHI 12GA 3″ WATERFOWL STEEL HUNTING – #6 Online

Fiocchi waterfowl hunting loads are created to be the perfect balance of reliable performance and cost effectiveness. Their unique hulls reduce recoil and provide you a dependable performing shell each time you squeeze the trigger. These shells feature 2 3/4 length, 1oz.

FIOCCHI 12GA Ammo For Sale

Quality from start to finish, Fiocchi Ammunition uses the highest grade materials and quality control measures to produce its products. From the moment raw materials arrive at our Missouri facility until final product inspection, you can rest assured that we’re pursuing it with the utmost precision. You’ve invested in the shotgun you hunt with, should you expect anything less from the ammunition? This is loaded ammunition.

FIOCCHI 12 Gauge Shells | fiocchi primers

Fiocchi of America’s ammunition is made by shooters for shooters. We research for the best Italian style quality and the best American innovation, to bring you amazingly high quality products. Fiocchi di caccia munitions are the result of years of explosive research. From premium bullets to nickel-plated cases, quality is their number one priority. Fiocchi offers a large variety of target shotsheel and hunting loads, ranging from light 2 dram field loads to the fastest 3 dram magnums for long range competition.

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A perfect choice for the waterfowl hunter with an affinity for steel shot. The high-antimony, cold-rolled steel pellets retain their shape for accurate, effective shooting time and time again. Steel shot is not formed from crushed or clipped lead pellets like other manufacturers use to make their steel shot so it performs in a consistent manner that is preferred by many hunters.

Great Online Deals! Best online prices at a great price. The Steel Shotshells are the best in their category because and can be used for multiple types of shooting, both for hunting and for competitions.




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