Blackhorn 209 Powder Substitute

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Blackhorn 209 Black Powder Substitute

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Blackhorn 209 Powder Substitute is a low residue, high performance, muzzleloading propellant that consistently shoots at much higher velocities than all other muzzleloading powders.

This gun powder Substitute has a significantly lower corrosive action than traditional black powder and therefore poses no adverse effects on barrels and has the advantage of being unaffected by temperature changes.TheĀ  Blackhorn 209 powder black substitute remain among the best gun powder in the market.

This gun powder Substitute is a low residue, low odor propellant developed for muzzleloaders and black powder cartridges. It is the cleanest burning, most consistent and accurate propellant for black powder firearms ever made. This gun powder will hang with anything out there in terms of accuracy. It will accommodate any bullet lube or other bore conditioner and clean up easily with hot water and regular soap.

Blackhorn 209 Powder FOR SALE

This gun powder is a low residue black powder substitute with improved accuracy and consistency. It is designed for use in all black powder muzzleloaders and firearms. Blackhorn 209 powder does not create the corrosive residues associated with other black powder substitutes or traditional black powders, making firearms easier to clean without damaging effects.

The Blackhorn 209 Powder has also met stringent safety standards as classified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, as well as being determined non-hazardous by the U.S Department of Transportation.

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The advantages of this protect Designed for use in all muzzleloader and firearms that are designed for use with black powder Lowest Recoil Non-Corrosive Non-Hygroscopic Non-Hazardous (Determined by U.S. D.O.T.) Easy Cleanup Harmless to Brass Cartridge Cases and Bore.

Buy Blackhorn 209 Powder Substitute online cheap price with fast shipping. It is a revolutionary propellant for muzzleloaders and black powder cartridges that consistently shoots at higher velocities and with greater accuracy than all other muzzleloading powders.

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BlackHorn 209 powder is the only non-corrosive muzzleloading powder. It’s non-hygroscopic, meaning changes in the temperature or humidity will not affect its performance. It’s also extremely easy to ignite and produce consistent pressures that are ideal for replica blackpowder firearms.

BlackHorn 209 is the only non-corrosive muzzleloading powder. It’s non-hygroscopic, meaning changes in the temperature or humidity will not affect its burn rate. BlackHorn 209 also has a burn rate that is optimized to reduce recoil and muzzle flash while still providing superior velocity and energy to your load.

Blackhorn 209 Black Powder Substitute

BlackHorn 209 is the only non-corrosive muzzleloading powder. It’s non-hygroscopic, meaning changes in the temperature or humidity will not affect its performance. It leaves no residue, and ignites with a speed that is superior to any other black powder. In fact it’s so fast that you can actually ignite from the primer alone if you’re shooting under 60 gr. BlackHorn 209 produces a hard, dense projectile that has excellent knockdown power with no blowback.


25 reviews for Blackhorn 209 Powder Substitute

  1. Joel Bowels

    The best powder on the market, bar none. No fouling, no rotten eggs, and powerful. No more hassles. Luv it.

  2. Sean Walker

    My dad and I used this instead to 777 to sight in our muzzleloaders (TC Triumphs). Both of us had 3 shot groups you could put a silver dollar on. Best and cleanest powder I’ve ever used. Worth every penny.

  3. Matty Rias

    I shoot this powder out of my Original Knight Disc 50 cal and it is the only powder I do not have to swab in-between shots to maintain accuracy! It burns so clean the bullet / sabot combo continue to be easy to load shot after shot. I shoot 2″ groups @ 100 yards with this powder, and harvester Crush Rib sabots and A Barnes 250 grain .451″ diameter bullet. My Knight is very finicky and it shoots very well with this powder.

  4. John Walls

    As shooters and hunters, we all look for the panacea to give us the edge for increased accuracy or increased terminal performance. With that in mind, I redid an older TC Encore this year, going to a Nikon Omega Scope, Barnes 250 grain TMZ bullets, and BlackHorn 209. I had Leonard Baity perform some of his trigger magic and blacken the stainless part of the Encore. After bore-sighting the Encore, I headed to the range to test the new set up. I am pleased to report that BlackHorn 209 is as good as reported. The groups for this rig are small 1/2 – 3/4″, and the lack of making “mud” to clean up after a shooting session is a nice change. After an extended range session, I was convinced that Western Powders had brought a great product to market.I look forward to seeing the results of this new combination in the Virginia deer fields this season.

  5. Beds K

    I use this BH209 powder in my T/C Encore with PRs Dead Center 260gr all lead sabots and 100 yard accuracy is excellent. This powder will give me my 200 yard hunting accuracy easy!!

  6. James W

    This is the best powder I have used. It needs a hot primer in order to get reliable ignition. The volume measure doesn’t match the weighed out meausure however. When I weigh out 85 grains it fills the powder tube at 80 grains. It gives me the same perfomance with 85 grains as with 100 grains of other substitute powders. I have taken several whitetails at about 75 yards and it is very effective. Cleans up well.

  7. MArk James

    Best stuff ever. Glad I made the change from Triple 7. Brought my groups in from 3 to 4 inches at 100yrds to less then an inch. Will not use anything else now. It really lived up to all the positive reviews. Try it and you’ll love it.

  8. Leonel

    When I first used this in my NEF Sidekick, I was not that impressed. Bore was not as clean as stated it would be. And there was an oily residue on my breech face plug. However, after speaking with Don at Blackhorn, I was informed that I had an ignition problem. Instead of buying a different breech plug for $30, I did an experiment using a #6 O-ring that others said they were using with the carrier-less breech plug.Using the O-ring solved my problem. The carbon on the breech face was dry and could be easily wiped off. Velocity was faster than Triple 7, and when I wet swabbed the bore, there was little to no black residue on the swab. Great stuff and clean.For those of you with problems using this with the carrier for NEF muzzleloaders, try a #6 O-ring to seal between the carrier and breech face. A $2 product will solve your problem instead of a $30 breech plug.

  9. Mark Luis

    I used this in a traditions pursuit UL XLT. Very easy to clean and very accurate. Much better then pyrodex to clean. I just used my shooters choice cleaner that I used on my rifles and the barrel is clean as could be. At 50 yards I was cutting holes with 75 grains(weight) and 295 grain hollow point powerbelts.

  10. Van Bowels

    The best powder I have used for my TC Impact. Use 90grains below a factory second’s Product #: 151908 250gr muzzleloading bullet with Harvester Muzzleloading 50 Caliber Crushed Rib Sabot for 45 Caliber Bullets Product #: 448726. The result is satisfaction.

  11. Smith

    I was able to reach 2000 fps with my T/C Triumph 50 Cal using Barnes 250 gr. Spit-Fire T-EZ Bullets (Winchester 209 Shotshell Primer). Hoppes No.9 works great for bore cleaning. I let my rifle go three weeks after my last range session without a cleaning. A bore brushing and some patches and it was spotless again – no corrosion at all!

  12. Pense MArk

    Great stuff. Hornady sst .45 200g, t/c omeaga .45. Grouping 2-3″ @ 100yd. Easy loading and easy cleanup. I think the perfectly uniform granules make a much more consistent load = consistent groups. I think so, but I also think they could secure a much larger market share by offering a 16oz can rather than 10oz.

  13. Matty Rias

    Best muzzy powder, bar none. Nothing else is close. The very first time you shoot it, you know your world just changed. Very little smoke, smell, ash or grime. Shoots like a rifle with a modern cartridge and cleans like the same. While not as completely non-corrosive as a typical smokeless load, it’s far and away less corrosive than BP or the other substitutes. Check your local laws before hunting with this powder, though. Some short-sighted states have decided that this powder isn’t primative enough for their muzzle loading seasons.

  14. Mark


  15. Lio m

    Greatest kept secret out there. Shoots like smokeless! I shoot 325 gr .45 cal Hornady FTX Leverevolution bullets in a .50 cal sabot over 120 gr vol BH209. 1,750+ FPS and good groups!!

  16. Ben

    I weigh my charges before testing at the range for uniformity. This is the only powder that I use due to the ease of cleaning and the ability to fire multiple rounds without cleaning.

  17. JJ

    This powder made a fair shooting muzzle loader a tack driver.

  18. Javis Scott

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

  19. Ragan P

    I have used this product for several years from 80 degrees to minus 20 and have always had great ignition using Winchester 209 primers. Very low fouling residue (no crud ring) and great velocity. Have tried it with Barnes TMZ’s and Hornady conicals with great accuracy 1-2″ groups at 100 yards with open sights. Cleans up easily. Powder is very consistent, no fines.

  20. Awesome stuff

    This is my second year using Blackhorn 209. I am sold. It is cleaner shooting, more powerful and more accurate than pyrodex. I took two doe last year at 180 yards using 100 grains behind a TC sabot and a 240 grn Hornady XTP bullet. It shoots 1″ at 100 out of my CVA optima. It is more expensive but well worth the price.

  21. Vicky

    Buy this powder and you will never buy anything else for a muzzle loader. Clean up is not much different than cleaning your favorite 22 after a day of shooting. Boresnake it or a few patches with NORMAL, non-water based cleaner works. The Montana Extreme definitely works. This powder leaves an easy to remove soot type residue rather than the normal gritty, rifling clogging, barrel eating crud. I couldn’t tell any difference in accuracy with swabbing after each shot and swabbing every 3rd or 4th shot. Accuracy was impressive with 100gr equivalent load and Barnes TMZ 250’s. After using this powder I wouldn’t even think of putting anything else in my muzzleloader. Oh yeah…almost forgot…no more flinch causing, deer missing, delayed fires. Magnum 209 shot shell primer, seat bullet firmly and it’s going bang when you think it should!

  22. Bismark Powell

    This powder is amazing! I swabbed after each shot and even tried sending a second swab down the barrel to see if I could get more out. The second patch came out almost completely clean. The primer makes more of a mess with the breech plug than this powder does with the barrel. I wouldn’t use anything else in my rifle.

  23. Sean A

    I tried Blackhorn 209 in my .45 caliber Encore muzzleloader to see if I could improve velocity or accuracy above using 150 grain equivalent pellets. After loading 120 grains by volume of Blackhorn 209 I found that this was too much, and had to reduce the charge to 110 grains by volume. This load gave me the same velocity using a 123 grain bullet as the 150 grain pellet load did, and at 50 yards I was able to consistently get less than one inch three shot groups with no barrel cleaning.

  24. For any serious “in-liner” out there

    If they quit making this, I will quit shooting my in-line. Truly a fantastic powder for a hunter or shooter who wants a cleaner rifle and less time worrying about corrosion. Bullet lands wherever my crosshairs are and gun is a breeze to clean after. Pet load for my T/C Impact is 110 grains under a 250 grain Barnes Spitfire. Believe the hype and try this out. Expensive, but just the 10 oz can will yield over 50 shots with 100 grain charges. Clean, accurate, and quite potent based on recoil and two dead deer.

  25. Mc Carty

    This powder is the best that I have tried. Shot many others, low smoke, easy cleaning tight groups . Only thing I did not like was less than a pound and high price over other brands.

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